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Yesterday, I had just got into a fight with a couple broke bitches who was hating on me because I had money. I didn't always have money, And I always give back, But that bitvh didn't wanna hear what I had to say and instead her ass charged at me with a knife and cut me on my arm, I let her get at me before I beat the shit out of her leaving her in the hospital. Now, I run this fucking Prison. Every bitch scared of me, She thought she owned it? Bitvh, now you found your fucking match. These bitches getting they named tatted on my fucking arm, Look at there baby! Got them calling me Queen, Betchu that. I ain't no fighter but when I gotta well you already know that shit. I grew up in violence, Killed people for a living but I tried leaving that life behind and became a rapper but now I'm doing time cause a bitch came and stabbed my fucking husband and tried killing me, I was gone be damned someone try and hurt my family. SO I KILLED HER. I didn't mean to kill her just wanted to shoot her and get her scared but, I fucking killed her. I'm just to good with a gun, I guess. See y'all youngins outchea think you bad with guns in your hands wanna be gangstas or thugs? You don't know shit about the streets. You don't know the struggle, You think because I always had money? No, I wasn't always loaded with cash, I couldn't always buy houses in different states or ride in fancy cars, or go to fancy restaurants , I fucking stole shit to make it. I fucking sold drugs on the streets, Carried guns and went to Juvy and had a choose, I was sent to military school and that's when I choose Army was for me when I got older, It was my job and it paid good money and I still got mills from that plus the mills I'm getting for a verse? That's boss shit.
Youngin's count your blessings. This ain't the life you want, You don't wanna end up here or dead, I lost friends and family through violence and I'm not letting no more youngins die because of it.! I love the kids! I love People in general.
I miss my babies and August! Used to him holding me, janking me on every little thing I do just to make me laugh, I don't see why he likes my laugh, I never thought it was special I thought laughing 🙊 August is a good man and I know he didn't want me up In here but, I choose too.

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