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(August) 6 Months Later

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It's been six months and I been missing Maya, I'm used to waking up in the morning, and sitting between her legs on the couch and her running her fingers through my hair, I'm used to kissing her soft lips, Hearing her beautiful and unique laugh, that sexy smile, used to holding her, Now it's not the same visiting her behind a fucking glass at a fucking Prison, When I went and seen her yesterday she had bruises on the side of her face, She wouldn't tell me what happened because of the guards but, she gone have to tell me when she gets out now I got 18 more months until I can see her again. In a couple days, April will be 9, Autumn will be 4 . When Maya gets out they gone be 10 & 5. They cry everyday for they mama and for the past couple months, April been with Trey and Autumn been sleeping in the room with me with Maya's picture beside her bad. It's not easy raising kids without a woman, We men tend to take these women from granted but, honestly they are one of the most beautiful things God has created and one of the wonderful things that no man could live without, Just read the bible, we couldn't be made whole without a woman, We took out our rib and placed it into a woman, We can't take no woman for granted because they lift us up! (A/N I believe it was the rib I forgot, I'll have to read it again and find out) But, Guess what I'm saying is... I miss my wife and things aren't the same without her. Vanessa & Maliyah been helping me with the girls but, still ain't the same.

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