chapter 8: the pack attack training day for doru

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I slowly got up off of inuyasha I turned back in to a dog as rin had the reigns. She lightly kicked my side as I started to walk. They looked at me when I herd wolves  growling at me. I completely stopped as I growled back. My wounds were healing as I growled louder as a territorial threat. When my pack surrounded us as my breathing was changing. Rin saw two wings and she was 5 feet off the grounds. Rin slid down my back and safely off my back. I roared as the wolves jumped on me ripping my skin.  Roaring in pain I collapsed on the ground. They were eating me alive that's when I growled. My eyes went blood red as I turned wolf killing 4 of them.

Blood was everywhere as the wolves backed off in horror. I howled to other Wolver to stay away or die. I picked up rin and started walking. Sesshomaru called and pointed the other way. I though that I had impressed sesshomaru as I walked on. Sesshomaru led us to his castle as the gaurds bowed to him. I bowed as well rin still had the reigns. He leaded us to our rooms and rin was next door too me. I had to share a room with sesshomaru as I layed on the floor and fell asleep.

   In the morning I was my normal yokai self with a black and purple flower kimono. Sesshomaru left a note saying meet me a the training hall. I turned to my black wolf form and followed his smell. He was standing right there in front of me. He said "Training day for you doru. Turn in to your strongest form".  I concentrated as I turned in to my queen dragon. I growled as he told me to "do not breath fire unless we are out side". We went outside as we attacked one another. I can read minds but, I read sesshomaru's and found out that he likes me. I blushed as I whack him to the sky. When he was falling back down, he fell right on top of me. "OK that's enough for today thank you" he said getting off me. I turned back in to a wolf and ran in side the castle. When rin came running twords me. "Are you ok rin" I asked when rin started to cry. "Doru where have you gone? Master jaken was being a jerk to me" she cried as I growled. "JAKEN WHERE ARE YOU?!"I screamed at the toad came running. "Why are you being a jerk to rin?!"I growled as he started to run. I roared and ran after him. "Im sorry rin ok there happy" he commented as I turned away. As I went up stairs to sleep in my dog bed. When someone grabbed me!

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