Chapter 37- Scattered Battlefields

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A/N: I haven’t mentioned this before, but you should know. The deceased, important characters in my story are: Eternity, Adda, Esmeralda, Tokkul.

Eternity’s body disintegrated, like Tokkul’s. It disintegrates when someone accepts their death willingly. Adda was too surprised, and surely didn’t expect it, so it’s clearly not an accepted death. Esmeralda wouldn’t have accepted so easily… So just to have that cleared up. Sorry for missing out on that. Enjoy.

“Sephiroth,” Astraia whispered under her breath, rising slowly and steadily to her feet. Her eyes were bottomless pits of gray. Dark, purple circles framed her eyes, and her lips were pressed into a tight line. Astraia let her eyes linger on each individual in the room, and they landed fatefully into Vincent’s. To her surprise, there was a morsel of sadness in his expression, and he had backed down from his attacks. Alaric, Lily and Amara stood tranquilly behind him, probably awaiting orders.

“Kill them all,” Astraia concluded. “Sephiroth, I want you to kill them all right now.” 

Her heart string had snapped. A faint red glow appeared outlined her figure, emanating a dark and menacing aura.

“Be reasonable,” Sephiroth calmed quietly. Astraia didn’t miss the little alarmed look he had given to Lily.

“You have the power to erase these filthy creatures,” Astraia said quietly. “Queen Terentia granted the power for a reason. These things deserve death!” 

Trinity rushed to her side, to which Astraia responded with a push. “Trinity, you’re a demon too, aren’t you?” 

Vincent frowned. “The princess has lost it, hasn’t she?”

SEPHIROTH!” Astraia finally released her agony. “They killed our parents! Why are you standing here…. So calmly!?”

Sephiroth flinched at her furiousness. Her aura was terrifying, even to him. Amara was perfectly composed as she stepped forward. “I submitted myself to this fate when I attempted to kill Lady Esmeralda. I accept your punishment, Princess Astraia.”

“Get back,” Vincent ordered curtly. Amara hesitantly glanced from her King to the princess, and stood exactly half the distance from each. Sephiroth gently shook his head, and Amara gulped before stepping behind Vincent once more. Vincent turned on his heel, towards the open door. Astraia stuck her palm out at the door, and it shut instantly.

“I’m counting on you three,” Vincent glanced over his shoulder at the Havenwoods and Alaric. “Finish them.”

“Yes, your Highness,” the three responded coolly and almost robotically. Astraia’s nostrils flared, and a short tremor caused by her aura slightly shook the ground.

“Where’s Alcander?” Astraia demanded. Her question was mainly directed to Trinity and Adley.

“He disappeared, having said he ‘had something important to do’. We don’t know where he went,” It was Alaric who had answered. Had it been a few days ago when Astraia heard his voice after so long, her heart would have raced. But now, the blood in her veins boiled. Vincent smirked slightly, dematerializing gradually. Astraia shot three rays of pale blue light at his body. Alaric repelled two of them with a quick barrier, while the third shot through Vincent’s shoulder. His figure returned, and he turned around slowly, with blood almost as black as darkness spilling out from the wound.

“You’ve got some nerve,” his voice was low and deep. His pupil-less eyes were finally absolutely serious.

“I should be saying that,” Astraia muttered. Her voice had a strange echo, which intensified her strong emotions. She was still confused to why he wasn’t worried about being in complete exposure to Sephiroth, the person who could erase him as quickly as he could blink.