the not so lunch date pt 1

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Jordan's POV

well today I'm taking the band out to lunch today so we can discuss the song we finished and the more songs that are yet to come, I text tay and tell her to text Cameron so he can text mike and rob that we are going to meet up in 20 minutes at chipotle and have lunch ...
Me: hey tay can you text Cameron so he can text the others to meet us at chipotle and we have lunch there (:

tay: yea sure jor

me: did you just call me jor 🙊

tay: oh shit ummm I'm sorry, your probably uncomfortable with that nickname um yea sure thing Jordan I'll text cam ( he lets me call him that btw don't think I'm just making nicknames for ya (x 😯)

me: no it's okay tay, it's not like I call you Taylor ...

tay: yea I only rather people call me tay because if people use Taylor it makes it seem like I'm in trouble 😳

me: yea I get ya anyways see ya in 15 minutes tay
after that I grab my at keys and head to chipotle

Tay's POV

when I get a text from Jordan telling me if I just called him "jor " I felt so embarrassed I literally just banged my head on the wall multiple times, god tay your so stupid you're blowing it up and it's soon gonna be obvious you like Jordan ughh, I reply with a sorry well it's sort of like a sorry and then he replies with "it's fine" gosh that made me sound like I don't know like if I was his girlfriend or something ugh I really need to control my feelings and the way I talk to to him ... I soon text Cameron and tell him
me: hey cam can you text Rob and mike to meet at chipotle in 20 minutes or so Jordan invited us (:

Cameron: will do madame (:
I put my phone in my back pocket and grab my car keys and drive to chipotle, as I drive there, there is so much traffic I wonder if I'll get to the place on time .... just as I'm about to turn the corner I see a car ahead of the 3 cars that are infront of me. and it looks like the car broke down and ughh yea I guess I'll have to text the guys and tell them I'll be late I go through my contacts and see Jordan's name first ... ehh maybe not so I ended up texting Cameron and telling him, I'll be a bit late unfortunately they were already there ... they are so lucky because they actually live so close to chipotle it's just 5 blocks away .... I just sit here till they get this shit sorted out .... I then look up and see a familiar figure ... Is that? Could it be ?

well guys who do you think it is?? hmmm I wonder who is it anyways see ya next Wednesday (; sorry I think it was short... - bailey torrez

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