The Day it Began- Chapter 1

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Today was the day.

I got up at 7am, and went to the bathroom.. then i looked in the mirror, and saw what I looked like.

"How am I supposed to meet them looking like this?"

Hopefully a shower will help me look a bit decent. I got out of the shower, and dragged myself over to my make-up bag, and started caking my face so I won't look completely ugly. I let my wet long brown hair out of the towell, and started blow-drying it. Destroying the health of my hair more, I start to straighten it. Now it's time to get dressed.

"Should I wear this? Um how about no.. This? Of course I look fat! Can I please just find one thing that actually looks good on me...?"

Not one thing looks right.

"I just want an outfit, that my butt and boobs look good in. Is that to much to ask for? Maybe Korina has some clothes in her room?"

Sneaking into my big sisters room, I carefully start rummiging through her clothes. She starts moving, maybe she's waking up? Looking over, I see her dirty blonde dyed hair, switching positions. Thank god she didn't wake up!

"FOUND IT!" I yelled quietly, trying not to wake the 'beast.'

I get dressed really quickly, into some leggings and a pretty blouse.

"I look hot! Finally an outfit worth wearing.."

Now all I need to do is eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and head on out.

"I made some breakfast for you! Your favorite, chocolate chip pancakes. Are you excited? Today's the day!"

"Thanks mom, and obviously I'm excited, this is going to be the best day of my life, I can feel it!"

"Eat quickly so we can get you to the airport. Is your sister up?

"No.. thank god."

"Taylor, she's your sister!"

"Yeah unfortunately."

"Just eat up!"

I start stuffing my face. The plane leaves in about an hour and a half.

"Sweety come on, we need to go now if you don't want to miss the flight!"

I grab my stuff and run out to the car. Mom starts the engine, and starts driving out of the driveway. During the car ride, I listen to Emblem 3 the whole 45 minutes. My mom pulls up in the parking garage quickly. I start taking the bags out of the car and start heading towards the airport. Heading towards the Gates, I say my goodbyes to my mom.

"I love you so much, have a lot of fun! You're growing up so fast."

"Mom.. I'm just going on a plane it's not like I'm moving there. Love you too!"

"See you in a week baby, love you!"

"Okay mom, I love you too, bye."

She gave me a huge kiss on the forehead.. ew. I smile at her, and walk towards the Gates. I feel her wet kiss on my forehead, mom really.. I wipe it off fast.


I run over to the plane, and get on. I look around on the plane, there's only about 20 people flying. No surprise, sense everyone is in school, and it's the middle of March. I sit down at my seat. The flight intendents are explaining emergency procedure, that no one listens to. The plane starts taking off, and my ears begin to pop.

"Um ow!"

Someone who looked close to my age, offered me gum. I took it and thanked her. I put my earbuds in, and ignore the world. All the music on my phone is Emblem 3 basically. *Now Playing: Emblem 3 Playlist*