The Izo and Pamela Show

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The recruits brought in more game. A portable grill was fired up and Lili set about starting to cook the cleaned linfep meat.

"C'mon, Empy. We got a little time," Jun said to her.


"C'mon," he insisted, "No one'll see. You and me, we can go over to where there's another clearing," he said quietly, "I could make you a woman."

"It's too dirty," she sniffed.

"We never get a chance to be alone," he complained.

"Hmm. Maybe later," she said, distractedly watching Lili cooking.

"Don't pay attention to the slaves. Pay attention to me," he insisted, grabbing her arm roughly.

"Cut it out, Jun!"

"She said for you to cut it out," Kirin said, towering over both of them. He still had Ironblaze in his hands.

"This doesn't concern you, Giraffe."

"Now, now, boys!" Takara said, "You already had the fight. Everybody got a prize."

"Yeah, I guess," Marie Patrice said quietly. She got up and walked over to Lili.

"Miss?" Lili asked.

"I, uh."

"You'd rather be kicking a ball somewhere, eh? Perhaps a black and white one with pentagons on it?" Lili asked.

"Those don't exist on this side."

"No football?" Lili asked, "You must miss it. You were quite a kicker," she said softly.

"What do you know about it?"

"I know that this is yours," Lili said, getting the turquoise bit of cloth out of her pocket, "And it is a symbol, for your mother got it from someone she loves, and gave it to you."

"Loved, not loves," Marie Patrice said.

"No. Still loves."


Arashi came over to the cooler and started hunting around in it.

"Looking for something?" asked Susan.

"Yeah, seconds."

"Here," she said, impulsively giving him an unmarked empanada with no folded over edge.

He grunted his thanks and sat down. Susan looked around nervously. No one was too close.

Arashi took a bite, and Susan saw that. He gasped a little, and it was all over.

Alarmed, she went over quickly. Deftly, she removed the remainder of the empanada from his hands and even grabbed the uneaten portion from inside his mouth. Reaching in there made her cringe, but she figured it would be a good move on her part. Before rigor could set in, she pushed his body down and closed his eyes. He'd look like he was napping. The only indication that he was doing anything other than taking a nap was the fact that he wasn't breathing.

She got up and took the remainder of the empanada with her to a stream. Breaking it into pieces, she started throwing the bits into the water.

Aidan had only seen a little of that and wasn't sure what he had seen. He came over, "Feeding the water animals?"

"No," she said quietly, "Getting rid of evidence."

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