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"Wait you like me" A voice said. I reconized that voice anywhere. That was Louis.

Liam's pov

"Uh i have to go"Hannah said before running upstairs. I could faintly hear the sound of her locking the door.

"Dont just stand there go do something!" I screamed at Louis.

"Uh yeah er" Louis suttered before running up the stairs after Hannah while we took a seat. This could be awhile.

"So I bet they come down the stairs as a couple" Zayn said

"No i doubt it if he still hasn't told her by now i dont think he will just confess" Niall reasoned

"Sorry babe but im with Zayn on this one. He now knows that she likes him. He will totally tell her" Summer said

"Well im with Niall. He wouldnt just ask her he will think of a more romantic way" Harry said

"I think they both need to process whats going on" Bekah said

"Well now he has nothing holding him back. He knows everything he needed to know im with Zayn" I said

"We will make a team bet team Zayn and team Niall whatever team wins the other team owes the winner 5 pounds" Zayn said

"Fair enough" Niall said as everyone just shook their heads.

Louis' pov

I rushed upstairs after Liam told me too. I cant believe that Hannah likes me.

"Hannah" I asked softly

I heard a pillow hit the door. "Go away" Hannah spoke

"Im not leaving" I said. I heard shuffling in the room then the door clicked unlock. Hannah quickly brought me in the room then locked it back. Well now it's just us. No getting in or out.

"I know that now everything is going to be akaward between us and i understand if you dont want to go on our date tomorrow. I mean who would want to go on an akaward date......." Hannah rambled on.

I stopped her ramblimg by stepping forward and kissing her softly on the lips. It lasted about 5 seconds then we broke apart. Our foreheads was pressed aganist each others while we stared in to each others eyes.

"What was that for?" Hannah asked quietly

"Hannah incase you couldnt tell i really like you. Although you didnt want me to hear that downstairs amd i wasnt suppose to hear it im glad i did. Now i have nothing to worry about and nothing is holding me back. Hannah Nicole Horan will you be my lovely girlfriend?" I asked

"Of course Louis" Hannah said while smiling

"Good" I said before pecking her on the lips one last time. "Now lets go downstairs so I can tell everyone that i got an amazing girlfriend."

Hannah's pov

I am so happy. Louis and I are officialy dating. We walked downstairs holding hands and i couldnt have been happier.

"Guys guess what!?" Louis screamed. Everyone turned to us and smiled as if they knew.

"Well well well what do we have here?" Harry asked while smiling

"Can it be that team Zayn was right?" Zayn ask stepping forward as did everybody else.

"Excuse me?" I asked

"Are you guys finally dating" Summer said while throwing her arms around manging to hit Harry in the arm.

Louis chuckled. "Yeah we are" He said

"Ha team Niall owes team Zayn 5 pounds" Zayn exclaimed

"Wait you guys betted on us" I asked frowning

"Well yeah" Bekah said

"Well i see how it is. Come on Louis" I said walking away but then i was pulled back.

"Wait where are you going? This is your house" Louis asked

"To the kitchen" I said

"Well all of us are leaving to give you lovebirds some space" Harry said.

"And where is Niall going to go."I asked "He lives here"

"Over to Summer's" Niall answered

"Well use protection then children" I  said and faked shooing them out

Guys i am so sorry. I tried to update twice yeaterday but i kept getting intrupted so i couldnt finish it. Then i feel asleep so i got up early to finish the chapter so here you go. Well looks like Hannah and Louis are officialy a couple. So far in the book we have Nummer or Siall your vote. Then we have Houis or Lannah still your vote. So comment vote and follow me on twitter @tomogirl4ever. Read Summer's books and follow her on twitter @luvsinging1. Love you guys!!!

So does anyone have those moments when you are sitting in class and then your teacher says something like "This moment in time was when the Egyptians....." and you are sitting over here like "Moments in time I'll find the words to say"

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