The Rift and the Shattering and the Connection

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Treve stood at the campsite and stretched, coppery arms becoming more and more mottled by the day. They would soon develop a sinuous pattern that he and all Calafans referred to as calloo. It started off as a solid color – copper on his side, the twenty side, and silver on the other side of the pond. And, at age thirty, it began to get spotty and eventually would develop into rococo scrollwork. Finally, it would fade to nothing, and he would die soon after that. He was forty-one years old, so he was beyond the initial spotting stage and the pattern was beginning to emerge. Calloo was as personal and individual as a snowflake. His was coming in as a sort of geometric pattern, not unlike an old printed circuit board, if he had known engineering history. But he didn't.

He had been studying to join the Diplomatic Corps, but he had hated that, and always felt out of place and awkward. But that was a good two decades previously. Then, his mother, Yipran, was still alive, his sister was just fourteen and his little brother was four. And his father was having an affair with a vixen named Polloria.

It was her idea, really, the whole thing. She had an itching to become the next High Priestess, the role that, at that time, was being filled by his late mother. His father played the role of First Minister. He knew that the other side had the same roles, but their government differed. At that time, the twenty-ones had what was almost a constitutional monarchy. The High Priestess was more of a figurehead role, and decisions were made by a governing committee. But on the twenty side, it was different, and the High Priestess could essentially be more of a despot, ruling and being attended to by her husband, the First Minister. Such had been the situation with his parents, until his father's affair had begun.

Polloria had wanted that piece all for herself, and so an elaborate plot was developed as he and his siblings grew up, initially ignorant of what was happening. His mother was, slowly but surely, being poisoned by overdoses of potassium. At first, it took away her dreams – as horrific a result for her as it would have been for all Calafans, for the dream state was as much a part of everyday life as the waking one. Then, it had made her comatose. And that was where the whole thing lay, stalemated. His father had had lust for Polloria but no bloodlust for killing his mother. And so they had waited, for years, for his mother to die. But she hadn't.

Then the Defiant had come, and they scanned its occupants. That had been in 2157. They had found a candidate for study who just so happened to be an ideal candidate for something else. She looked enough like one of them that, at not too far a distance, she could even be mistaken for one. A broadcast to the people would be perfect. They would – so long as she was given the proper tattooing – mistake her for Yipran. It was a normal thing, to pluck out a member of a new to them race and study that person. They would strip away the memory and see how fast and well the subject could recover. It was a means of judging intelligence, and they had used it on Vulcans, Klingons and some little nasty, grasping race – Ferengi.

Hence the plan was already in place to grab a human, but his father had directed the kidnapping of this one particular human female. She had a great deal of flaming red hair, and that also would work for the illusion, for Calafans all started out stark bald and then eventually would sprout hair. On his side, it was red, and went along with their coppery calloo. On the twenty-one side of things, it was a light, almost-white blonde and it complemented their silvery aspect. He was already growing hair although he did not yet have a beard. It was coming in all right, and even, and his woman liked it.

For that was her, standing nearby, field dressing a linfep. She had been the human they had selected. The idea was for her to publicly designate Polloria as the succeeding High Priestess, but the woman – Jennifer – had not been as compliant as Polloria had hoped. Instead, Jennifer had designated Yimar, his sister.

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