Get Out of Jail Free Card

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Joss hustled himself off to the galley. It wasn't a place he normally went to, but he had a mission.

"And you will, Polloria. You and me," said a silver Calafan male as Joss walked in.

"I don't think so," she replied, tugging on an earlobe, a Calafan sign forno.

"Uh, hello?" Joss asked.

"Oh, sorry, sir," Aliwev said, "We were just beginning to prepare this evening's meal."

"Oh, yeah, the birthday dinner," Joss said, "Where is the cook?"

"Not here," Polloria said.

"Yes, I can see that," Joss said, "Where is she?"

Rellie came over, "Something the matter, sir? I can get these slaves to listen."

"Where is the cook?" Joss repeated.

"Well, where?" asked Rellie.

"The brig, maybe," Polloria said, "Security came. I don't know why."

"I see," Joss said, "You need her for the dinner tonight, yes?"

"Yes," Aliwev said.

"No, we can manage," Rellie interjected.

"Well, it would be better with her, right?" Joss pressed.

"Better, yes," Polloria said, "We will manage if we must. But it would be better with her. There are a lot of you to serve."

"I will see what happened," Joss said, and left.

"Manage without her?" Polloria asked Rellie as soon as he had gone.

"We must always tell them that we can do anything they ask," Rellie explained, "No matter if it seems at all impossible or difficult. You have been doing this for years. Surely you know that by now. Nevershow any weakness."


On the way to the brig, Joss clicked open his Communicator, "DR, come meet me at the brig."

"The brig?"

"Yes. Don't ask, just come. Joss out."

There were two guards, security crewmen Miller and Rosen, standing guard.

"Sir, something we can help you with?" asked Miller, the taller of the two.

"Who's in the brig?" Joss asked.

"The cook, sir," answered Rosen.

"For what? No one was poisoned," Joss said.

"Suspicion of sabotage," Miller said.

"Sabotage? How so?"

"Hodgkins said. We don't have the particulars. We're just here to guard," said Rosen.

"Really, fellas. With no specifics, you're just gonna stand there until further notice?"

"Those were our orders," Miller said.

DR came over, "Joss?" he asked.

"They have the cook in the brig, can you believe that?" asked Joss.

"Huh," DR said, "I didn't know cooking good food could get anyone in trouble."

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