~ Author's POV ~ 

At Stagg Industries, Danton Black and his clones walked up the stairs to encounter guards. "Freeze! Put your hands up!" they said. Mr. Stagg could only hear gunshots, dropping his papers and running out of his office. He stopped right away when he saw the guards dead on the floor and Black with two clones. "Hello Danton." he said nervously. "Goodbye Simon." Black retorted, raising his gun but before he could shoot, Barry caught Simon and ran to his office with him. "Stay here." Barry ordered Simon, going back to the building that was now filled with a lot of clones of Danton. 

"I know he stole your research, but that doesn't give you the right to murder." Barry shouted, trying to reason with him. One of the clones turned to him and shot, but Barry dodged it easily. He raced to the stair, pushing the clones out of his way. "You think this is all about my job. This is about Elizabeth!!" one of them said, shoving Barry against a pillar, caming another from nowhere. "SHE WAS MY WIFE!!" other said when Barry pushed him to the ground. "She had a degenerative coronary disease. She'd been on the list for years, but...  Time was running out. So if I couldn't get her a new heart..." another clone spoke. 

"You were going to grow one." Barry finished him, and the clone was about to shoot him, but he was gone, shooting one of the clones along the way. "I was so close... Until Stagg stole my research, just so he could reap the glory. And I got to bury my best friend. And now... I'm alone!" Barry pushed another one to the ground. He turned to hear Danton making noises. All of sudden, clones started to spill from the prime rapidly, leaving a trapped Barry. 

They circled him, grabbing his arms and holding him down while the others attacked. Fighting to find a open breach, he zoomed one of the clones away, going fast as he could. "Remember Barry, you need to find the prime." Caitlin said over his earpiece. "There's too many of them to fight!" Barry retorted. "Barry, you need to isolate the prime." Kate said this time. "I can't... It's impossible." he said, in a sad tone. "Nothing's impossible Barry.You taught me that, you can do this." it was Joe's turn to speak, encouraging him. He took a deep breath and ran back to the building, zigzagging hundres of them, finally finding one of them sweating. 

Barry yelled at him, grabbing him and zooming him away from the building, ramming him into a pole. Danton dropped to the ground, letting Barry catch his breath and seeing all the clones falling to the ground as well. "Barry! Are you okay?" Kathleen asked him over the intercom in a worried tone. "I'm fine... I'm fine. It's done." he said, letting his crew sigh in relief. Suddenly, Danton stood up, charging at Barry who dodged him easily, but Black hitting the window instead. Barry dashed over, holding his arms before he could fall from the high building. "Hang on!" Barry said, trying to help him but Danton refused, grewing another arm that latched onto Barry's arm. Black pulled his own hand from Barry's grasp. Letting himself fall.

{at S.T.A.R Labs}

"Some people, when they break, they can't be put back together again." Dr. Wells said. "But, some people, heal even stronger." Kathleen said, trying to cheer Barry. "I hope so..." it was he could said, feeling Kate side hug him. "Well, at least, Multiplex won't be able to hurt anyone else. I told you I'd come up with a cooler name." Cisco said, seeing Kate laugh a bit and Barry smile. "I may be out there, running in the suit, but when I'm out there helping people and making a difference... You're all out there with me." Barry said, stealing a few glances of Kathleen. "Finally realized something. We were all struck by that lightining." he finished, seeing everyone smiles. He looked at Kathleen, holding her hand who squeezed his, blushing a little.

"So... that's means that I'm also part of the team?" she asked looking at them. "Only if you want. We won't force you if don't..." Dr. Wells said but Kate cut him off. "Oh, of course I want!" she answered him, hearing everyone laugh. "Kate... Let's go home?" he said to her who nodded, waving goodbye to the rest of them, leaving the building.


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