Chapter 24: 6 Years?

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I was in court and the judge said, I get 6 years and probation? I can't do that. I got kids, I hinted for my lawyer to come to me

"Please get me down to at least two years, I have three kids. And, it was self defense."

He nodded and stood up

"Your honor, Maya Amouria Neverson-Alsina never done anything wrong to nobody. This girl came into home threatening to kill her and her family-"

"Do you have evidence?"

"Yes, I have evidence"

I deleted August's reply.

She grabbed the copies of the text messages and gave them to they judge

"I see, And this was all self defense?"

"Yes, your honor. She would never hurt no one unless it's in self defense, The girl shot first and she shot back and you have go give her some credit for dialing 911 after she shot her, And she admitted to it. No other person would admit to a homicide."

I looked at the judge and sat back at my seat and looked at my lawyer.

"The court is now in recess." the judge said hitting the gable

"Mommy?" I heard April and Autumn say
I turned around and smiled hugging
them, August hugged me and kissed my forehead, Trey he came but didn't get close, Maliyah hugged me too. I know this is all over media

"Settle down" the judge said hitting the gable

I sat down

"Have the jury reached a verdict?"


"How do you find the suspect?"

"Not Guilty and Guilty."

My lawyer smiled

"I hear by sentence you to two years and probation"

I smiled and hugged my lawyer. Least I'll still see my babies when I get out

"Mama what does that mean?"

"I'll see you guys soon, okay?" I said kissing they forehead

"We love you mama" all my girls said

"I love you guys too" I said hugging them

"I told you not to, but I love you and be safe in there"

"I will baby, I love you too." I said
hugging him back and the officer
handcuffed me and I went in back I blew a kiss to the kids and went to my sail


I told Maya not to do this now look where she got her self, she should've just let me handled it, I just don't know now. I'm scared for her and on top of that, How am I supposed to raise 2 girls alone? April is 8 but, I still need help with Autumn and she's only 3

"Hey, Uncle August. don't worry, God got mama and he got us, We gone be just fine! I promise." April said smiling

I smiled and picked her up and hugged her so tight, I kissed her cheek and put her in the car

"You are something, You know that?"

"Yes, but I love you." she said

"I love you too, Help me take care your sister?"

"Yes, I will" she said smiling

"Okay, Maliyah you coming by?"

"Maybe later" she said
"Momma, why they charge auntie? She didn't mean to hurt her." TJ said

"It's just the way of life baby, you do something to someone you have to pay a penalty." I said putting glasses away

"Will she ever come home?"

"Yeah, she'll come home and when she do, I promise I'll take you to see her."

"When she get out I'm gone be 12." he said crying

"Hey hey, come here baby" I said pulling him Into a hug

"But, you know she loves you right?"


"Okay than, that's all that matters. Remember that!"

"Okay mama"

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