Chapter Twenty Seven-"Barbie is intense"

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

My life as a geek was soon to be over, only I didn't really know that or want to accept it. Maybe it was because I had been nominated for Prom Queen and if I wanted to be popular, then I had officially just earned my title in the popular level. I was scared but more nervous than anything else. Me as Prom Queen, now that was a joke! Seriously, I was as graceful as the ugly duckling and I had a phobia of speaking in front of large crowds, two of the main things a Prom Queen should be able to do. But there was something even more than that which made me not want to be Prom Queen. Jessica Hubert.

And yes, while many of you are probably shaking your heads and thinking, 'What's wrong with you Viv!', I just couldn't stop myself from feeling guilty about the whole Prom Queen thing. Jessica needed the title, and not necessarily to add to her already big ego, but to help her get over her mother and allow her to feel as though she was making her mother proud. Of course there was the whole fact that if I did drop out of the whole Prom Queen business then Sean's whole paper on me would fall to pieces and then he'd never be accepted into college for the course he wanted to study.

Speaking of colleges brought me back to my current predicament. I was stuck in choosing what I wanted to study. And while I was already accepted as a pre-med student, I just couldn't see myself in a hospital and helping people day in and day out. Trust me, there's nothing more than I would love to do than help save peoples' lives, but I really couldn't stand the sight of blood let alone operating on someone's heart. What if I killed a patient? How would I live with myself for the rest of my life?

"Viv honey," my mother interrupted my thoughts.

I glanced up and found my mother smiling as she stood at my bedroom doorway. Her dark hair had grown since the last time she had cut it so that it now lay just below her shoulders. Her blue eyes looked brighter than I've ever seen them before and she glowed out with radiance. There was no doubt in my mind that Jeff was the cause for my mother's happier moods and newfound interest in cooking, not like her meals were any less burnt but the fact that she was trying made me smile.

"Mother dearest," I answered with a grin.

Chuckling, my mother entered the room before she came to sit at the edge of my bed and sighed, "You look stressed."

I shrugged her comment off before replying, "We both know that's not what you came in here to talk about and I'm cringing mentally at your latest 'dirty' and innuendo filled chat."

My mother scoffed before she glanced away with a small smirk, "So maybe you may know me a bit too well."

"Mum," I groaned, "what is it?"

My mother blushed and I couldn't help but laugh but covered it over with a cough, "Uh yes?"

"Next weekend, Jeff's planned for a romantic getaway for us," my mother began, "you know with the wedding and everything and we really haven't had time for ourselves."

"Mum!" I hissed, "Don't go into any details please."

My mother grinned widely before she smoothed down my hair, "Fine I won't, it's so weird these days how teenagers aren't as open as I thought they'd-"

"Get to the point!" I interrupted.

"Okay well honey," my mother continued, smirking slightly at my discomfort, "it's a weekend away and that means you staying here by yourself."

I frowned. So that was the problem. Never ever and I mean not even if it was than a day had I ever stayed at home by myself. And even if it was just for a day, it meant that I would be staying over at Mrs Brown's house just opposite the road. Don't get me wrong, Mrs Brown was a really kind woman and everything but she smelt strongly of brandy and smoked heavily when she thought I wasn't looking. To say that the woman was a celebratory drinker would be an understatement. I mean, she practically celebrated just using the toilet correctly!

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