Chapter 13: The TCA's

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AN: This next little bit is going to be more of a summary spanning over a few months. I am doing this because I don't want to stretch this out over many chapters where nothing happens! So apologies if it's a bit too vague!

* * *

Nick's POV

Its been months since I last heard from her, Miley. I lost count of the days a long way back, not enough fingers to count with, obviously. The days soon stretched to weeks then from there, into months. Time flew by as if it was nothing. And all I heard from her was nothing.

Olivia finally convinced me to announce our engagement to the public. To be honest, I'd rather it was kept a 'secret' but Olivia insisted. And I couldn't protest, for I knew she liked to dig around for information, feeding stories to the press. No matter if it is truth or lies, the press sucks it up with a straw then spits the bitter story straight onto paper. It's what she does, but I accept that as we are - or will be - one.

I have been working on some new music as of late, something new and different to set me apart from my previous years. No, I'm not trying to erase my past becasue the past is the foundations of who I am, I just want to be different. But I wont go into too much detail just yet. I want this to be secret - or kept quiet - so I can slowly make my way back to the top.

* * *

It was on that morning that I woke up, feeling groggy and really not in the mood to do anything whatsoever. I rolled over to my right in the crisp sheets and instantly got a faceful of soft, brunette hair. Silently, I inhaled the smell; hazelnut. I carefully rolled back and returned to my previous position. Carefully, I placed my hands onto my head as thoughts began to play through my mind like a film. Hazelnut. . . that's just what Miley's lips used to taste like. Years ago - 2007, I assume? - I bought her a hazelnut lipstick for her because her old hamster, Hazel, had just passed away. She was also obsessed with hazelnuts! Miley graciously accepted it, saw all the 'jokes', and used it constantly, always buying fresh sticks of it. I'm guessing she doesn't do that anymore. . .

I shook the thought of Miley from my head. "She's moved on, gone," I thought, begging my mind to move on to. ". . . she hates me."

Olivia let out a tiny breathe but in the silence of our room, I was caught unaware and jumped right out of my skin. Literally. I tumbled out of the bed and pulled the duvet with me. Olivia sat up, instantly alert. "Nick. . ." she said, narrowing her eyes at me. "What are you doing?"

And she continued to glare at me, like a hawk swooping high above the insignificant ant; me. I just laid there, smothered by the thick duvet.

"Honey?" She pressed. I stayed silent staring at the delicate marks in the wooden floor. I was captivated by the natural beauty. However, a pair od soft, cool hands slithered around my neck then lowered down my chest; the spell was broken.

"Nick. . .?" Olivia breathed, her warm breathe tickling my neck. I could tell by the rustling of the sheets that she was moving slowly closer and closer to me. In fact, when I looked up, she was almost on top of me. Our eyes met for a second and she gave me a questioning look, as if saying "May we?". In response, I slowly nodded my head and in unison, we both dived for each other, meeting each others mouths. Her hands were fixed in my hair and mine in hers. And we did it, right there on the cool floorboards.

* * *

Quick AN: Sorry the stuff I just wrote was so lame or whatever! I'm no good at writing sex scenes, I don't even want to try! 😖🔫 I read it back and just laughed, it's too casual/shit! 😜
Could someone please maybe write me a nice sex scene for Nick and Miley later on in the book?? Please!! I'm useless at writing that! ❤️

* * *

"Hold still, Nicholas!" Scarlet hissed as she attempted to straighten my leather jacket which was sagging over my shoulders a bit, THE WAY I LIKE IT. This always happens; I'm a natural born fidgeter.

"Sorry!" I whispered under my breathe but I suspect she heard because when she went to style my hair, she dug the comb so deep into my scalp, I feared I would go bald! However, I did not flinch once and I decided to behave myself and stay silent.

Suddenly, the turquoise door of my dressing room swung open gently and revealed two men, one smarter that the other. Kevin and Joe.

"Hey Bud!" Called Kevin, striding over with his hand outstretched. I leapt to my feet, took his hand and we both pulled each other into a brotherly hug.

"Joe!" I cried as Kevin released me, nodding my head to indicate. He did the same as Kevin and we shared another brotherly hug.

"How's things?" He grinned.

"Great, awesome really!" I lied. "You?"

"What, me? Yeah, things are fab!" He suddenly pulled a mock seductive face and lowered his tone of voice. "I also have a new ladaaaaay!" He purred. I just fell about laughing.

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