Pov her

"hey slut, where you've been" Tony asks, slinging is arm around my waist

"none of your business" I say through gritted teeth

"oh, such a shame. Brit wanted us to ditch."

"I've got class" I say heading to class

He grabs me and pulls me close

"c'mon. We're gonna get high as fuck."

"I-II can't I have um History" I say

"yeah right, like you care about your grades. You're broke, you need the drugs and all I ask for is a kiss, maybe sex. how hard is that?"

"fuck you"

"funny, we're going" he says

pov calum

"Where is she?" Mike asks

"I dunno... I've texted her twice already"

pov her

"Tony stop" I need to go

"ok, thankkkkss" he laughs and says "half it is yoourrs"

"Thanks ton" I laugh.

"Sara, I need a ride back to the school"

"should you be going high?" she gets up and says

"I'm not high sara, I'm living"

"yeah, don't get so philosophical and shit on me. c'mon"

I get the eyedrops out of my bag and put my shades back down. I walk into the lunch room and grab an apple

"Hey, you. c'mon the guys are waiting"

It's him, shit I forgot. I turn around "hi. look cal, can i call you that? I have to study for my history test after lunch" I lie

"c'mon. I can help yeah?" He smiles. He adjusts his snapback looking around him. I hear all the people in the cafeteria whispering about me.

"fine" He holds out a hand but I just push past him and walk towards the direction he pointed towards. At the table is a blonde boy with shocking blue eyes, even though he was sitting I could tell he was taller than the rest. The other boy has a super long fringe, but his hair has been dyed a funny blue black colour.

"Hi" the blonde one says before turning to cal. "I'm sorry, I forgot what her name is" he trys to whisper

"That would be because, even he doesn't know my name" I laugh

"why, you're a shitty friend cal" the other guy says

"I am not. Okay so this is a friend of mine. We met last night and shit happened... so" he turns towards me "that's Luke and the colouful hair one is Michael. Ashton goes to a different school, but he'll be around after school"

"wow, sooo cool. so are we going to eat?" I ask


I play with the apple in my hand. raising it up to my mouth before pausing and asking a question. I eventually grab a slice of their pizza and pick apart the crust and take a bite out of the apple before dropping it and throwing away

"Hey, um I don't want to be rude. But do you realise you still have your sunnies(idk sun glasses shades) on?" Michael asks

"oh wow, well um I like it"

"oh yeah that's fine. So you wanna hang with us? We have band practice, but it'll be cool" he says

"yeah, Im down for that" I smile

"cool, do you need to check with your mum or dad?" he says

I see calum's face pale but I just smile and say "wow, um yeah. I'll just text her. be back" I pack my stuff and leave. I'm walking down the hallway

"are you okay"

"yeah cal, just I'll be back. okay? just text me"

Somehow my glasses aer knocked off and when he gives them to me. He sees me

"Are you high?" he asks

"no cal, I'm not high, I feel fuckin' fine."


"cal. there comes a point where I can't get high and I'm just doing it to survive. now leave me alone, I have a science test now"

"science? I thought it was history"

"whatever. just fuck off" I yell tears streaming from my eyes

"sorry" he begins to say as people swarm the halls getting to 4th period.

"I'll see you later, okay?"

He nods and walks back to his friends.

"Sara, thanks for the ride. um, cover for me? I'm just gonna go home, not feelin' too well" I say

I go home and change into fresh clothes. I grab the contact book and dial mum's number

I wait for her to pick up

I finally here it and say "It's me, I want.." I stop and hear the automated message play

This is Laura speaking. I'm on my honeymoon. Please don't leave a message unless you have to. Bye,

I here the beep and hang up. It's the same fucking message since she left. I punch the wall leaving a sizeable dent. I grab my backpack and dump it of its belongings. I stuff some clothes in it and my phone charger. I start walking towards Cal's place, until I see the bridge. I stop and walk towards the ledge. I pull out my wallet and pull out the one picture I have of her. I tear it up and watch it float down onto the rocks and gutter.

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