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pov calum

"Calllluuuummmm! Wake up"

"Sorry Mum, coming" I groan and turnover to see the time.

I've overslept. I quickly change and rush down toothbrush still in my mouth rushing. I spit in the sink and rinse my toothbrush

"That's disgusting, Calum."

"sorry" I say sheepishly " I'm just gonna take this toast to go, I have a um big project have to find someone at school"

"Bye, are you going to be here tonight?"

"Not sure, I might just stay at Michael's or Luke's" I kiss mum on the cheek and head out the door.

A million thoughts are running through my head. Is she still alive? Will she be there at school? Will I be able to find her? Is she okay?

I park in senior parking and head toward the year 11 lockers. I stop the first person I've seen.

"Hey" i say, the girl turns around and asks "WHat do you want?" she bats her eyelashes and smiles at me

"uh, hi. Is there a um girl in your grade, with blonde curly hair. A bit spacey, popular very blunt. wore tights shorts, ballet slippers yesterday?"

"oh, looking for a quick fuck? I could give you one, no need to go to that anorexic std infected bitch."

"erm, no um. where could I find her"

"over there next to tony." she rolls her eyes and closes the door

I walk up to the vending machine  to see her.

"Hey, how are you doing"

"fine" she mutters. She turns around and sits on the bench. SHe has big sunglasses on top of her hair. A black and white shirt like a sports jersey and black jean shorts with white tights and her ballet slippers. She has my jacket tucked into her bag.

WE sit there awkwardly, everyone walking past looking at us like we're weird or crazy

" so, it seems like you have friends" I say

"no, they're actually the ones teasing me. Tony is the one I helped, he's the real slut... but it's okay because he's a boy"

"no, okay. You're quite amazing and anyone would be lucky to have you"

she laughs and looks away " are you still mad at me?"

"no course not, just promise you'll meet me up at the dinner? I'll buy you a drink or something. we can make it a thing? okay"

she begins to nod but shakes her head

"or um you can come to my mates. They're all cool and would love you" I smile

"do really think going to a sausagefest like that would help me"

"No one would know, and you'll have loads of fun"

"maybe..." she sighs

"I'll see you at lunch, you can sit with us maybe?"

" i dunno, I have to go" she gets up puts her sunglasses on and walks down to class.

I slide into my seat next to the guys.

"Calum, Michael was so fucking annoying last night"

"sorry luke, hey do you guys mind if a girl joins us?'

"sure why?" michael asks

"it's kinda personal, but don't bring anying rude or mean up. she's kinda sensitive at the moment"

"course cal" they smile

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