To Be a Wizard

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"Does yours say the exact same as mine?" Harry asked, reaching out his hand to show you his letter and examine whether they did, in fact, say they same thing, which, upon checking, you came to the conclusion that they did. "Do you think it's a prank or something? Dudley's friends?" 

"I don't think they're smart enough to do something like this." You shrugged. "Whatever the fuck this is, I hope it's real because I will not stand a second longer in this house."

"Keep dreaming then, because it's not real." Harry patted your shoulder in attempt to comfort your disappointment. You, however, did not allow the disapproving words to complete overcome you, therefore you remained hopeful that perhaps this pathetic act of wizardry was actually real. However, you were not given enough time to indulge into your thoughts since the Dursleys had managed to burst in through the front door as you and Harry stood staring at your letters. It was not even a split second until Uncle Vernon's eyes burst open and both letters were out of your hands and in the fireplace.

"What the hell!?" You yelled angrily.

"What do you think you're doing!?" Harry shouted back at Uncle Vernon.

"Did I let you open those letters? No! So get to your rooms!"

"They were our letters!" Fury burst within you from your uncle's rude actions, and you couldn't help but clench your fists angrily.

"Haha! [F/n]'s mad!" Dudley giggled from behind, but it wasn't long until he found himself crying on the floor with blood gushing out of his nose from your sudden and immediate punch.

Due to this, Uncle Vernon grabbed your ear and began yelling so loudly that his spit found its way to you. "Get to your room you little swine! I will deal with you properly later! Now!" The pinch on your ear tightened as he used his arm to push you forwards towards the staircase. Dudley continued crying, Aunt Petunia stared into the fireplace horrified, Harry was arguing with Uncle, so you proceeded to make your way upstairs eagerly. Not to accept your punishment, however, but to get to your aunt and uncle's bedroom, in which you picked up every single photo that stood or was hung, and you threw it out of the window, allowing it all to smash into pieces, which was then followed by your aunt's and uncle's pillows, which were thrown down into the bushes. They were too busy shouting at Harry downstairs to even notice anything, until you picked the TV up and threw it out of the window - that made a loud enough noise for everyone to charge upstairs and burst into fury upon the sight.

"What the hell have you done, you swine!" Uncle Vernon yelled, forcing himself onto you and placing his hands upon your throat, squeezing tightly to restrict your airflow. Harry had followed upstairs and was in awe as he looked down the window, yet could not resist a giggle here and there, proud of you, as of himself. However, as soon as he noticed the force of uncle Vernon on you, he acted as fast as possible and, with all his force, pushed the mighty brute out of the way, sending uncle Vernon off guard and causing him to slam into the wall.

"Quick, let's go!" Harry grabbed your hand as fast as possible before charging out of the bedroom just before uncle Vernon had the capability of regaining his strength and charging at you. He thus chased you down the stairs, and the two of you just barely managed to miss aunt Petunia and Dudley as you forced your way out of the front door and, with one last final look back, charged off into the street.

"Where are we going?"

"Ahead of ourselves, we'll figure it out." Harry said, huffing as he ran, only stopping when he was out of sight away from your families. "That was close, you almost died."

"I doubt he would have actually killed me."

"I'm not so sure."

"What now, then? You dragged us out here, now we have no home."

"Well," he paused, "we could go to an orphanage and ask them to take us in."

"Yeah, I'll pass," you said, shaking your head and walking off further, at which Harry rolled his eyes and followed. And so, the two of you wandered as so for hours, until the sky faded darker, birds set off to sleep, lights began to turn out, and stars began to shine. Yet wandering through, the two of you were left hopeless and growing hungry, but strongly refusing to return to that home of yours. It was chilly by now, but the two of you stayed strong and continued walking through the streets, occasional cars passing by.

"I think we are going to die," you huffed.

"Is that so bad? Really?"

"Suppose not."

Hope was draining but returning home was not an option. And yet, as though on cue, upon the final drops of hope, someone called yours and Harry's name, ultimately catching your attention to the back of yourselves. The two of you turned around to find a large, and when I say large, I mean large man. A large beard he grew, encompassed his entire face in it, and a large smile he bore. A giant he was, and both you and Harry stared at him in horror.

"Who the hell are you?" Harry called out.

"Aye, I'm Hagrid. I'm 'ere to help yer out. Yer homeless, ain't ya?"

"What the fuck is a Hagrid?"

"Not what - who," the man sighed, "I'm Hagrid. An' I'm a wizard, of course, just like the two of ya."

"[F/n], run and call 999," Harry quickly stepped in front of you in a protective manner as he continued to stare at Hagrid defensively.

"And tell them what? That a druggie hobo is attacking us?"


"A what?" The man frowned. "Listen 'ere, I'm 'ere to help. I'm no druggie or hobo. I just told ya, I'm a wizard."

"And I'm not depressed! Look at us - telling lies," you grinned.

"Let me prove it to ya," the man sighed and thus pulled out an umbrella from his coat.

"He's going to stab our eyes out with that."

"Just be quiet, will ya?" The so called Hagrid sighed before aiming his pink umbrella at a bush, from which a sudden ball of flame appeared and flew at the bush, immediately setting it alight. "See, wizard."

"Holy shit, he's a druggie, a hobo, AND a fucking magician."

"Not magician! Wizard! Listen 'ere, you're Harry Potter and [F/n] Potter, aye. You're unbelievably well known in the wizarding world. In fact, that is - aye, you'll find out for yourselves! I suppose yer got the letters, did you not? Professor McGonagall also said she was comin'a see ya. Suppose she came as a cat, no? Black cat, green eyes, stares a lot."

You paused for a brief moment, recalling the event with the cat very well. Indeed, that had happened. And indeed, you had received the letters, and for some unknown reason this man was capable of putting a bush on fire, which he now put out, but he also knew of your experiences.

"Have you been stalking us? You absolute nonce!" You cried out.

"No! I am a wizard, and so are ya too! I've been tryin' to tell yer this! Just trust me, will ya?"

"Trust a nonce like you!" Harry groaned, "absolutely not!"

"What have yer to lose? Not like yer got a family, aye?"

You and Harry paused, looking at each other for a brief moment. The man was, in fact, right. The two of you had absolutely nothing to lose at this point, as you had been fundamentally rid of all that had been left with, which was not a lot in the first place. Suppose following a random man on the street who claims to be a wizard is not the healthiest or smartest idea, yet the two of you stood steady on your feet, turned to each other, inhaled, and nodded before setting off with the giant, freaky man into the distant darkness.

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