~12~ a bit of rough

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Navarro looks good enough to eat - I melt on the spot. My eyes feast upon this fine specimen of a man. The hardware store seems to fade away. It’s just me and him. In this moment. The physical aura he emits is so raw, primal… dangerous. I could wax lyrical about his model good looks. No wonder Therese Weber’s so possessive over him — I’d be the same. They say once in a generation, there’s a face that outshines all others… 

Oh god. I want him to take me now. My skin is bathed in warmth — I’m hypersensitive to his presence. I can’t look away. 

Navarro’s eyebrows briefly raise in surprise at seeing me. Our gazes lock with each other. His eyes travel down my face. There’s a tenderness to his gaze. Unlike Mr Zeepler, Navarro makes me feel as though a warm summer drizzle is touching my face. Those brown eyes skim over my neck. His lips part for a second… 

He recovers himself, but it’s too late — I’ve already seen that minuscule gesture of want. Need. Desire…

The spell breaks all too soon.

“Amelie! Amelie, listen to me!” Mr Zeepler snaps his fingers. A rapid staccato. He jolts me out of my reverie. Fvck. Why is he always in my face? Doesn’t he get the message? I’m. Not. Interested. 

I’m still gazing at Navarro. Seriously, I could look at him all day — and never get bored. “Yeah?” 

The banker’s nostrils flare slightly. 

“Cover yourself up — before you catch a chill. I’ll take over,” He says grimly. 

What? He’s such a hypocrite — ten minutes ago he wasn’t complaining. He’s glaring at Navarro. Mr Z thinks he owns me. He’s married! Go back to your wife. Anyway, these are my breasts. What a d!ck. 

“Just go, Mr Zeepler. You got what you came for,” I narrow my eyes at him.

“Actually, I’m not sure if I bought the right items—” The banker stalls.

Navarro observes us. A flicker of irritation passes across his eyes.

“I haven’t got all day. The girl’s not interested,” He drawls derisively.

Bingo! At least someone recognises that Mr Z is a time waster as well as an idiot. 

“What’s it to you?” Mr Zeepler’s mouth tightens. Uh oh. Trouble’s brewing. No one talks back to Golden Erik… 

“I didn’t know talking stock was up for sale today,” Navarro’s lips curl in contempt. He gestures to the price tag on Mr Zeepler’s lapel. I can’t help giggling. The coach’s eyes sparkle with amusement as we share a laughing glance. Mr Zeepler watches us carefully — an ugly look of comprehension comes across his features. Sh!t. 

“Here’s the receipt. Bye,” I press the slip of paper into his hand, but his fingers imprison my wrist.  

“Like a bit of rough then?” he jerks his head towards Navarro. Contempt is laced in his words. His blue eyes stare into mine possessively, before turning to face Armand. “Enjoy,” he spits out.

Woah. Did Mr Z just call me a slut? Well, that’s a lie but as long as it keeps him away from me, I’ll be happy. A girl can only dream, eh?

My Zeepler’s hand isn’t budging. The air crackles with tension. As I’m looking around for Dad’s trusty paperweight, Navarro clamps his hand over Mr Z’s and tears it way from mine. Literally, what happens next is so quick…

The coach pulls him up by the scruff of his shirt collar. Mr Zeepler’s eyes widen in shock.

“Care to repeat what you just said, pretty boy?” Navarro's tone is deadly.

Wow. This is kinda hot. Navarro’s defending my honour… Yeah, Armand! You show that creep. He practically exudes a dangerous, menacing air… 

Mr Zeepler’s struggling to breathe. His face is turning a startling shade of crimson and there are beads of perspiration on his forehead. Wow — I’ve never seen Mr Z so ruffled. Where’s his slick “charm” now? I wish I had my phone on me, so I can take a snap. Shame Dad locks my phone away in the office draw. Just because Gina called at one time! How was I to know an old woman would go and complain to him? 

Whenever I’m having a sh!tty day, I’d could just stare at a photo of a rapidly shrinking Mr Z to cheer me up… 

Thanks, Dad. What a technophobe! That reminds me — Fvck! Dad’s voice disrupts the uneasy silence. What if he sees this? I’ll get the blame. Grudgingly, I approach the two men. Better break it up… 

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