CHAPTER -3 Mating

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I got up and looked at the time it was 7:00 in the morning then I looked at my phone to see it was the first day of school final semester I got out of bed and realized Lou was sleeping near me I thought I would let him sleep so I took 5 steps forward and turned around I walked back to the bed Lou Lou wake up we have school today its 7:05 we need to get ready!. "No not now later let me sleep" no Lou wake uppp now "no I wanna sleep" OK you leave me with no other choice I stood up on the bed and started jumping and Lou moved his leg and I fell (SLAM!) oow.


I shot up when I heard some thing slam and whimpering and a crack I looked down to see Sam on the floor holding her arm and whimpering Sam are you OK what the hell happened to you. "I think my arm is broken" she said in pain I stood up and helped her stand I put her on the bed and looked at her arm. Hmmm let me go call the boys wait here "where will I go"she said in a dha voice.

I ran to Niall's room and woke him up "yo niall wake up I need your help" "why the hell do you need to wake me up so early"he said in a grumpy tone. I think Sam broke her had!."what!!" Niall shot up and ran vampire speed into Sam's room

I followed him "Sam are you ok " he said in shock "um do I look ok" she said in a sort of annoyed voice.


I heard Niall and louis talking and it was coming from Sam's room I got up and walked out of the room and ooow crap that hurt "hahaha zayn look where your walking or you might get a migrain" Niall said laughing don't SAS me horan I said with a grumpy voice why the hell are you guys all in Sam's room where is Sam "um zayn are you blind or something if you are then open your eyes she is right in front of you blind bat" shut up Tomlinson.


Guys what is with all the racket "I have no idea"said zayn."guys what is going on"said harry "I think Sam broke her hand".

Hey guys sorry for the short chapter I'm actually not supposed be awake its 5:25 in the morning and i have school so hope you enjoy the chapter plz comment and vote what do you think really happened to sam find out in the next chapter peace love ya byee.!!

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