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The crystal blue droplets that fell from the sky splattered atop the gravel ground in a constant cycle. The sound of thunder soon followed in the distance, making you slightly flinch. You wrapped your arms around yourself and attempted to protect your bare skin from the damp air, but to no avail. Standing there under the covers of your stall, you grew angry at yourself for not bringing an umbrella. You always ran into trouble; you should've known to prepare yourself.

Glancing over to Aziel, you could also see the regret in his eyes. While he was packing his items back into his black bag, he grimaced at the sight of his outfit. The both of you were going home soaking wet tonight.

Now that the streets were deserted of people because of the downpour, the middle-aged man could address you by your real name. "Stay safe when you go home, okay [Y/N]? There's no point in avoiding getting wet, but make sure to take a warm bath afterwards," he told you, his dark eyes softening. "I wouldn't want you getting sick."

"I will keep that in mind. Thank you," you said, nodding obediently. Your mind suddenly flitted to a few days ago, where you found food outside the house. Before the man could take his first step into the rain, you quickly called out to him. "Thank you for the food, Aziel."

His brows furrowed in confusion and he turned to face you. "What food?"

You blinked for a few moments, also getting confused. When you had found the bowl of delicacy, you immediately assumed it was from Aziel...because he was the only person that made sense. Was he lying then, or was he truly not the one who gave it to you? If it wasn't him, who else could it possibly have been? None of this made sense, but maybe it was best if you didn't elaborate it to him if it wasn't him. He would start worrying and you didn't want to stress him out.

Now that you thought about it, it was stupid of you to eat the food that day. There was no name on the note. You didn't get any stomachaches from it, but even so, there could've been a chance it was dangerous to eat.

"Oh, it's nothing," you brushed it off. Forcing a small smile on your face, you waved goodbye to him. "Now get going! Get home safely!"

He opened his mouth, but snapped it shut when he realized he shouldn't question it. Looking at you in amusement, he gave you a tip of his head. He then took a deep breath and scrambled out into the cold. You watched as he hurried through the market, already getting watered down within seconds. You sullenly peeled your [e/c] eyes away from his retreating form and looked down at the pitiful pile of fruits before you.

It was best if you left now too, since it would serve you no purpose to stay here - you wouldn't attract many customers. Gently picking the fruits up one by one, you placed them back into your basket. Peering from your shelter, you wished a miracle could appear to stop the storm that besieged you.

Except, life wasn't that easy.

Clasping one of your hands onto the basket, you held the other hand above you as an attempt to keep yourself a little less wet. Lowering your newsboy cap onto your face, you hoped it would be enough to keep the water from blurring your vision. You stared at the scenery in front of you and shook your head to yourself. Don't think about it and just go for it...[Y/N].

You jumped right into it. Bounding out from the stall, you entered into the wet world. Your feet splashed into large puddles, making your socks drenched of dirty ground water. The male clothes that loosely fitted you stuck close onto your arms and legs, and it erupted goosebumps all over your body.

Squinting your orbs at the darkened surroundings, your vision was definitely getting blurry. Despite the lack of one of your senses, you kept running until you reached the end of the market. That was when you noticed a small shape on the ground. You slowed down to inspect what it was. Wiping your eyes and clearing up your sight once more, you let out a gasp when you saw the familiar creature.

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