14 | Love Overboard

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I had seen my fair share of boats in my short seventeen years, but nothing could compare to Oakley White's glorious yacht

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I had seen my fair share of boats in my short seventeen years, but nothing could compare to Oakley White's glorious yacht.

Though Sebastian and I were standing a good distance away from the blue and white monstrosity, it was clear this thing could probably hold half of Trinity's student body. Whoever this guy was, he obviously had tons of money.

"Impressive, isn't it?" Sebastian chuckled, glancing over at me as I took in the sight of the massive vessel. "I've been to plenty of parties on this thing and all of them were amazing. I promise you'll have fun tonight."

"I'm guessing this kid knows how to throw a party then," I murmured in awe, still staring at the aptly named Big Bertha. "Don't tell me this is his boat."

"Of course not," Sebastian scoffed. "It's his father's, but Oakley is the only one who uses it."

"How do you even know him?"

"He went to Trinity, graduated two years ago and now he's off at Georgetown University, so don't be surprised if there are college kids here."

"Maybe I'll get to hit on some cute older boys," I joked, tugging on the hem of the red dress Jude had shown up on my doorstep with this afternoon.

Sebastian gently knocked my hand away with a scowl. "Stop doing that. It's annoying as hell."

"So are you," I shot back, tempted to hit him for good measure.

However, I managed to refrain from doing so, solely because I knew it wouldn't have looked good to the hordes of others who were now arriving to the party. Slapping him would have sent the wrong message, especially if--

"Blair's not going to be here, is she?" I inquired fearfully as the thought crossed my mind. I wasn't exactly keen on running into her tonight. Or ever again.

"I wouldn't doubt it," he grumbled, running a hand through his already disheveled hair. "She has connections to everyone in this city."


"Through her father. Amir knows a lot of important people because of his business. They all prefer to stay on his good side, so they're quick to do things for his daughter."

I couldn't help but snort. "That sounds like something out of a bad mob movie. I thought the Persian mafia was all make believe."

"Hey, you never know," Sebastian mused, eyes drifting over to the yacht. He drew in a deep breath before glancing back at me. "You ready to do this?"

With a heavy sigh, I took his elbow and allowed him to lead me down the dock and onto the Big Bertha. Though it was only a little after seven, the yacht was already packed with people, but given its sheer size I was confident it would have no trouble accommodating plenty more. Most of the faces in the crowd were at least a few years older than us, but there were a handful of high schoolers milling around as well. Cry Baby hadn't been joking when he said this was going to be more of a soiree than a party.

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