Chapter 76

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"On my 36th birthday, some work mates decided we should go to London because they'd heard about this new club that was amazing. So we went and that's when I met your mom Sky. I got really, really drunk- like 5 times as drunk as your silly friend Jack did"

"Don't talk about him" I warn

"And I was completely unaware of what I was doing and had sex with Angelica in the female restroom. I woke up the next morning having completely forgotten about the events of the night before"

"How can you not remember putting your dick inside of someone who isn't your wife?" I snap. I know that Cameron should be saying this but I can't stop myself.

"Yeah" Cameron adds

"I was really drunk" That's a shit excuse. "Anyway, we all flew back home to Chino Hills the following evening. I was so excited to finally be back with my beautiful wife and amazing kids" Don't make me puke old man. "Then 9 months later, I got a text from an unknown number saying that I was a new father. It turned out that Angelica had given birth to you Sky. I'd been sent pictures of you but I knew that I had to see you for myself before I could really believe it"

"I'm flattered that you didn't believe I existed for the first 6 months of my life"

"8 months after the first text, I got an offer from my boss to go on a 2 week long business trip to London so I took it. I saw you and spent most of those two weeks with you Sky. Still after those 2 weeks it didn't feel like you were mine. I went back to America and carried on as though nothing happened." Real manly dad. "Then I got another text saying that you'd got really sick. Sky, you don't know about this but it's time you did. When you were 11 months old, you had a problem with both of your kidneys and you needed a transplant. Your mom wasn't a match but I was. I flew to the UK as soon as I could to have the surgery needed. It saved you"

"You did that for me?" I say shocked. I though he'd wanted nothing to do with me.

"Yeah, you're my daughter. I'd do anything to save you. I'd do anything to save all 4 of you."

"You'd abandon them too" Cameron adds under his breath.

"It was as I realised that you could die that I knew how much I loved you"

"Wow so if I hadn't nearly died then you wouldn't love me" I laugh

"That's not what I meant"

"That's kinda what it sounds like" Cameron adds.

"I went back to America and it wasn't until 3 years later that I knew I had to tell what I'd done" Dad begins again.

"What happened?" I ask

"I had to get a full body check up. The results came in that I only had one kidney. Cameron, your mom asked a lot of questions"

"Oh no. You got found out that you had a 3 year old kid with another woman. I'm so sorry for you" Cam says sarcastically.

"I tried telling your mom it was a mistake. I loved you three so much. I couldn't bare to be without you"

"Missy" I mutter

"Gina kicked me out and filed for a divorce. There was nothing I could. I tried so hard to get her to take me back. I told her it meant nothing. She wouldn't have it. I had no where to go so I moved to London. Angelica was more than happy to give me a place to stay whilst I got back on my feet"

"I bet she was" Cameron laughs sarcastically.

"Then 12 years later, Jaimee was born. On September 8th- the same day as Cameron just 16 years later."

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