Chapter 77

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I get up immediately and storm off to my room. Taylor is quick to follow me along with Johnson.

"Sky" Johnson whispers as I cry into my pillow. He sits down beside me and rubs my back. Taylor lies down on the other side and looks at me attentively.

"What?" I say struggling to catch my breath.

"We're here for you" Johnson says also lying next to me. I turn onto my back and stare up at the ceiling.

"I can't believe him. I see why Cam hates him. He's a dick"

"But he's your dad. He's the only one you've got. You can't just shut him out"

"Yes I can."

"You live with him Sky" Johnson rationalizes.

"What a stupid mistake that was. I should have stayed with mom. She looked after me all by herself for all those years. But then again, so did Cameron's mom"

"I think you need to talk to him" Taylor says sitting up.

"I can't- he hates me"

"I don't hate you" I hear Cam's voice. I sit up and look at him stood in the doorway. "I don't hate you" He repeats "I just hated the idea that there was someone that my dad loved more than me, Sierra and my mom"

"Well obviously he doesn't" I say flopping back down.

"I think he does, he loves all four of us"

"He's got a bad way of showing it then"

"I know. There's no way that I'll ever forgive him for abandoning us but I think it would be best if we did just give it a go."

"How can you say that? You said you wanted to make me wish that I'd never been born"

"That was before I found out it was you. Sky, I don't know what it is but I always thought I had some kind of connection with you. Right from that day when I first saw you stood in Carter's line at magcon, I knew I had to talk to you. Then before I knew it, you were in my line- stood right in front of me. I could barely get my words out." He smiles "Now I know what that was. It's love. I thought that it was a relationship kinda love but I guess now it's because you're my sister"

"You're acting like this means nothing to you. Like you aren't completely freaking out"

"Oh I am. You should hear my thoughts right now" He laughs "I'm completely freaking out. But I was thinking, we were good friends before we knew so what makes it any different with us being siblings?"

"I guess so"

"I think we can actually make this work"

"But just a few hours ago, you hated him so much. Why do you want to?"

"He told me something about you and I don't want you to feel like I think that too?"

"What did he say?"

"I shouldn't"

"You should"

"He told me that every time you'd talk about me, he'd wished you'd never been born. He didn't want to hurt you if you found out. But he doesn't think that anymore"

"I didn't want to be born. Not into this terrible life that I've had"

"You didn't deserve all the shit you've had. But I want to make it my job to ensure that you have a nicer life." Shut up Cameron. You're playing me. I know you are.

"I don't need anyone to do that" I tell him. "I've just gotta study hard and work hard and I'll do fine."

"Actually, I have some news for you" Jack speaks up. "A record producer guy, saw the vine I posted of you singing"


"He called Jack and I's manager and asked if we knew you. He told them that we did and long story short, the producer wants to meet you"

"What about you guys?" I ask. What is happening? I have the weirdest life out of everyone I've ever known. I thought that I'd end up working in some office or something but now that could all change. I can't even sing that well- I must do though because otherwise why would they want to meet me. This is a big deal right? Don't freak out.

"Jack and I don't wanna be signed yet. We wanna make the music that we wanna make you know?"

"I get it. But I've never had any kind of music lessons or anything?"

"They'll provide you with that" Jack smiles.

"My life is crazy. I've just found out that I had a kindey transplant when I was 11 months old, I've got a brother and sister and now some producer wants to meet me"

"He wants to see you tomorrow after school" Jack smiles "I'll come with you if you want"

"I will too. Gotta support my lil sis haven't I?" Cameron laughs hugging me. Is it just me or is he acting weirdly? He should be mad, upset, annoyed? But he's acting like nothing has happened. I'm your sister Cameron- you can tell me.

"This is too weird" I say shaking my head "We can't just pretend that nothing has happened Cam"

"I know it's weird, but I've lived most of my life absolutely hating the guts of the kid my dad abandoned me for. But now I know it's you and I've got all my anger out, I can move on"

"You hated him for so long"

"I talked to him about it. I know that he didn't want to leave, he tried to stay. He didn't abandon us out of choice"

"I guess" I say looking from Taylor to Jack.

"Can I talk to Sky for a sec on her own?" Cameron says looking to Taylor and Jack. They nod and leave the room.

"What's up?"

"How are you?"

"I'm fine why?"

"Well the reason I came here was because you got attacked"

"Yeah, I'm okay. I have to be. There's no point in moping around about it. I just have to get back up and get on with my life right?"

"That's the spirit"

"Something did happen at school today though"

"Like what?" He asks and I begin to tell him the details of my lunchtime. "Oh that sounds crap. You dealt with it pretty well though"

"I very nearly punched her" I laugh

"You're still as fiesty as ever I take it" He laughs too

"I'm not going to run away from this one though. I'm not giving her that satisfaction" I yawn.


"What made you say that?" I joke. "Yeah aren't you?"

"I slept on the plane"

"Of course you did" I say "Well I'm gonna go to sleep so night" I smile

"Night Sky" He smiles.

He walks out and turns my light out as I climb into my bed. There's something not right with Cameron. Why is he so fine with this all of a sudden? He absolutely despised dad and now he's acting like its all completely fine. He hated me. He pushed me on the ground and made me feel like dirt. Now he suddenly wants to be the supportive big brother? Something has to be up.

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