Chapter Twenty Three

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‘So his name is Shakespeare.’

Yes.’ I repeated, rolling my eyes.

‘Oh! That isn’t hard!’

No.’ I emphasised, again.

‘Can you help me with-’

The door flying open interrupted Eric, and Simona backed into the room. She was in the arms of a black-haired boy, and their lips looked like they were welded together.

‘Oh!’ She pulled herself out of his grip and frowned at the room, apparently not seeing me. ‘Night, I think we’re in the wrong room…’

I cleared my throat and Simona’s eyes flicked to me, giving me a bemused stare, ‘Erm, actually Simona, this is our room, I just moved in my furniture today.’

‘Eve! Sorry, I just… Why is there a poster of Flyleaf – whoever they are – in here?’

‘That’s the first thing you notice,’ I ask incredulously, ‘What about the flat-screen TV?’

‘Is that what that thing is?’

What?!-’ I almost screamed. Eric winced on the floor next to me, before sighing and switching from sitting cross-legged to lying on his back with his hands propping his head.

‘Babe…’ The black-haired boy, apparently called Night, whined.

‘Sorry, Night. I’ll see you later…’ Simona said.

‘What? I thought we were going to… y’know…’

My eyes widened at the extra piece of information, but I kept my mouth shut.

‘No…’ Simona seemed relieved to say it, ‘Your roommate’s in your room, and Eve’s here.’

‘What am I supposed to do about this?’ he gestured downwards. I choked back laughter and looked away.

Simona caught my eye, a small smile on her lips. I couldn’t miss the worried crease on her forehead though.

Luckily, Eric stepped in here. He stood up, dusting himself down. ‘I’m going to go now, bye Eve, bye… Simona..’ He picked up his bag and made his way to the door.

I couldn’t help sniggering at the frightened expression ‘Night’ got on his face when Eric walked towards him.

The boy barked out a quick goodbye and ran out of the door, followed by Eric.

The minute the door shut, an awkward silence enveloped the room. For want of something to do, I pushed myself off the bed and walked to the window, pulling it shut.

‘Well…’ I said, eyeing Simona, who was leaning against the wall by the door dejectedly.

She slumped onto her bed, scattering the black and red pillows, which suddenly looked out of place among the room and its unified theme of bleached wood and colourful beanbags and posters.

‘What’s up?’ I asked, giving up on letting her speak in her own time.

She sighed. ‘Night’s being so difficult, these days.’

‘Speaking of, what’s with the name?’

‘His original name’s Percival, but he changed it when he joined this school.’ Simona explained wearily. I giggled, trying – and failing – to imagine the thin gothic-looking boy as a Percival.

‘I can’t say I’m surprised.’ I snorted, trying to squeeze a smile from Simona.

The corner of Simona’s lips twitched upwards but the worried frown remained.

‘Hey, Simona,’ I murmured, quickly moving to sit on her bed with her. She shifted to make room for me, and I sat down, giving her a worried look, ‘is he not treating you right?’

I was clutching at straws; Night didn’t seem like the sort of person to mistreat someone, perhaps a bit spineless and creepy, but I couldn’t imagine him as a ‘wife-beater’.

To my surprise, Simona nodded hesitantly; ‘It’s not that he’s not treating me right it’s that…’ she trailed off, subconsciously wrapping her arms around herself.

‘What?’ I prompted gently. ‘Does he hit you?’

‘No! He doesn’t hit me!’ She denied, facing me with alarmed eyes, which were promptly hidden by shadows as she flicked her long hair over her face shyly, ‘He… pressures me into…’

‘Ohh…’ My eyes widened as I put the pieces together; Simona’s relief as she thought of an excuse for Night, Night’s – almost – threatening behaviour following her revelation… ‘How?’

When Simona didn’t reply, I pushed myself off the bed, ‘Don’t worry, I don’t want to force you to tell me anything,’ Ironic… ‘I’ll see you tomorrow, Simona.’ I hugged her gently and padded to the other side of the room, bringing out my own homework from Human Literacy.

We didn’t speak throughout, but I hoped the silence was more companionable than awkward.

Without warning, Simona picked up her school bag and left the room.

There goes any chance of a teary exposé filled with ‘boys are stupid’s and girly bonding.

I picked my homework book off the bed and dropped it onto the small end-table beside it before walking to my dresser and pulling my Me & You PJs from the white chest of drawers.

I got dressed and dragged myself into bed, hating the silence. Why wouldn’t Simona tell me what's wrong?

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