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Your POV

I remembered what Greyson said. He's gonna go home right after, right after OUR DATE?! Ehem, not a date :)

"YN, I had so much fun ! I wish we could still be together." he said when we were sitting on the bench. WERE JUST VERY TIRED.

"It's okay ! maybe next time we'll see each other again !"

"I don't want next time, I want FOREVER."

"sus ! Echucherong Frog !"

"what ? I didn't understand."

"oh, nothing. don't mind it Stinky Nose. hahahah "

"heh. by the way, Sweet Sugar, do you have a boyfriend ?"

why does he ask some questions !!! >///////>

"n-nothing, I'm SINGLE. as in, FOREVER SINGLE."

"hmm ? you'll be taken someday. (smiles)"

"I hope it will !!!!!!"

"don't be bored, you will have to."

"okay ? so, what's up in U.S ?"

"the same, screaming girls, oh I mean, screaming fans, and such a cold temperature..."

"ohhh, so, we will continue your tour tomorrow ?"

"ughhh, I said I don't want to go home on U.S. I will stay here with my brother. I know he will agree."

"so, why then, try to call him ?"'

"nice. wait."


Greyson's POV

I don't want to go home in U.S. already ! I'm sure my cool bro will agree. >:)

then, I called Tanner.

(so here's the conversation)

Tanner: hello ?

Greyson: Tanner ! please ! I don't want to go home in U.S already !"

Tanner: why ? Is that because of your fan ?

Greyson: what do you think !!

Tanner: oh okay,,,,, so, what ?

Greyson: stay here with me !

Tanner: wha-what ?! why !

Greyson: I will stay here, no matter what !

Tanner: but ! your career,

Greyson: I don't care ! please ! stay here with me ! just this once ! I'm having a good times when I am with her !

Tanner: okay. I will let mom know.

Greyson: please, will you ? Just for,,  me ? please... please.. please..

Tanner: alright, alright ! stop with those baby cries. I will stay here. so, how long ?

Greyson: I don't know, I think when I court her, then, we will go home."

Tanner: wha-what ? court ! who ? that girl ?

Greyson: what ?! did I just say "court" ? I'm not saying a thing like that ! then, I blushed.

Tanner: are you out of your mind ?! can I talk to that girl ?

Greyson: why ! I don't want ! she's mine.

Tanner: Look ! You're inlove with her ! you freak, I never imagined that a pop singer like you will be inlove with his fan.

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