Dare to Date

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            A silent awakening with her fiancé off working as usual. A soothing breakfast followed by difficult but not unpleasant piano lessons. This was normal.

            Brook’s morning after her mind grueling telepathy lessons was not. Not because Nathan was beside her when she awoke, clad in a simple T-shirt and jeans instead of the usual business suit.

            Not because Brook awoke fully dressed in skinny jeans, expensive sneakers, and a long white V-neck; not to mention her tangle-free hair and mild taste in her mouth suspiciously of toothpaste.

            The morning wasn’t normal for a very simple yet puzzling reason.

            Brook was plummeting to the ground from several hundred feet in the air.



            “I never knew you were afraid of heights,” Nathan laughed as Brook hugged a tree, not even bothering to unfasten her parachute.

            “Let me get this straight,” she demanded, whipping around to glare at him, still not daring to let go of the tree branch lest the ground give away underneath her by some random happenstance.

            “You’ve decided to take me on a date.”


            “Without asking me where I want to go or if I even want to go.”


            “And you thought it was a good idea because…”

            “Because,” Nathan sighed, walking up to her and tugging at her arm, trying to disengage her from the plant, “if we’re expected to be a couple, don’t you think we have to look and act like one? Everyone doubts our feelings for each other.”

            “I’ve got to freaking deflect telepathy and you want me to play love-dovey with you?!

            “Is there something wrong with that, honey?”

            Brook managed to hold her own for a few seconds, but eventually lost to that gentle smile of his. There was something wrong with it; the more Nathan smiled, the more Brook felt like her life was in serious peril.

            “Alright, alright. Where are we going?”

            “Well,” Nathan muttered, looking up at the bright blue sky, going over some mental check-list, “we’ve successfully landed in Delrino, so-”

            “And Delrino is?”

            “It’s a large amusement park on a large island formerly known as Maui that you can enter by boat of air. It’s basically a place where couples can watch movies, ride roller coasters, go to water parks, nightclubs, watch the sunset, and etcetera. We’re in the park area, so you won’t see any buildings.”

            “What’s that?”

            “A roller coaster.”

            “…You ride this thing?”

            “Don’t worry, we’re not going on it,” Nathan said as solemnly as possible. Brook growled under her breath but tried to stay pleasant.

            “Which are we going to?”

            “First is a movie if you’re not hungry-”

            “I think I can live without breakfast,” Brook cut in brusquely. This guy…

            “After that is brunch in front of an artificial lake and a cruise on a boat after that. Last is a surprise. Unless you have anywhere else to go in mind.”

            “Simple; I like it,” Brook smiled as they headed off to the theaters. “Are you sure we won’t be swarmed by paparazzi or something, Mr. Walker?”

            “Do my irises look black to you?”

            “Guess not.”

            Brook felt strangely light on her feet. Finally, she gets a breath of fresh air without the pressure of lessons breathing down her neck!

            This’ll be fun, Brook smiled to herself. What could go wrong?


This is how I plan to (but not determined to) upload the next few releases:

1. Movie & brunch & boat

2. The surprise/ end of date

3. The test

4. Latsliant

Stay tuned! :P

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