Adam's POV 

"HOLY SHIT! TY HOLD ME!" I yelled to Ty as he shook in the corner. "N-No, ask Jason!" (JASON IM STARTLED)he stuttered back. I looked at the cameras to find that Pinkie and Fluttershy were gone. Shit. I looked around to find that Pinkie was in the Party Room dancing on the tables until she noticed the camera and twitched when her hair suddenly went straight as she came up to the camera and squinted at it, until she walked away. On the other hand Fluttershy was in the supply room petting a rat. When she also noticed the camera as she punched it off. Great. "Camera 3 down." I whisper to Quentin as he shines his flash light down the west hall. "We have light switches for that reason, you do know that right?" Seto insisted until he realized why, to save power. We looked around  to find Pinkie by the door when she said "WANT A CUPCAAAAAAKE?" When we all panicked and threw a flashlight at her and shut the door when she ran away. To make sure we kept that door closed for a while, we built up courage to look at the show stage again and luckily Fluttershy and Pinkie were back on stage when we got a warning for 5:00. Thats when things got bad. We only had 30% power left. Fucking fan. I don't want you.

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