Mischief Managed

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I grinned as I looked down at the Avengers from the air vents. The grown ups were holding a "top secret" meeting, which I was not invited to attend. How rude.

So there I was, starting down at the superheroes, eavesdropping. I strained my ears to hear their voices. They were talking quietly, not wanting to be overheard. Apparently this meeting hadn't been authorized. Even Nat was present, so it must have been on a pressing subject.

"Loki. Norse God of Mischief." Tony rattled off. "Father of Hela."

The Avengers nodded. The facts were true, but that was all they knew. There weren't any facts on how to trick him, or trap him, or making him go back to Asguard. There was nothing. What shocked me the most was how I couldn't have added anything to that list. The man was my father, for goodness sake, but I hardly knew a thing about him.

"We need to keep Hela away from him, at all costs." Steve said, rubbing his eyes. "She's lived with him before, grown to love him. Who's to say she won't run to him for cover?"

"You sound like your plotting done sort of mutiny." Nat said, her eyes narrowed. "Hela's a child, and he's her father. You sound like its her fault that this is happening."

One point for Nat, zero for the popsicle.

"I agree." Banner interjected. "Sure, Hela needs to be safe, and as far away from him as possible. But she's seen what he's done. I don't think she'd run back to him the second things get scary. She's a fighter, that one. "

Tony nodded. "She misses him, that's for sure. But it's understandable. However, with what he's done by now, I don't think she's in any hurry to be wanting back with him."

"So its agreed?" Nat asked. "We keep Hela away from him at all costs."

The team nodded solemnly.

"Agreed." They chorused.


As the rest of their conversation drifted away towards the missing tesseract, I began to climb back through the vents, and out into my room. Once I had screwed the cover back into place, I flipped onto my bed, the voices of the avengers swimming on my head.

"Protect Hela at all costs."

"After all he's done...."

"Asked lived with him before, grown to love him,"

"You make it sound like its her fault.... "

"Run to him for cover..."

I covered my ears. I was shaking. My heart was pounding like a drum, each beat a massive strike and vibration.  I was scared, no doubt about it. I was scared for myself, the team, my father....

However, I was yanked from my thoughts as Coulson burst into my room, panting.

"They've spotted Loki." He said, gazing at me, calculating my reaction. "A team has been sent to reactive him."

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