chapter 17~ make out

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I was shocked did he seriously just say he loves me?

Like LOVES me, like I love him.

I needed to hear it again.

Marcus: w...what d...did you s...say?

Alfie: I love you.....

Marcus: hahaha funny joke weres the cameras?

Alfie: theres no cameras marcuse I love you

Marcus: they must be somewere?

Alfie: marcus

I turned to face alfie as he takes a step towards me and smashes his lips against mine.

His lips molded against mine as I began to kiss back creating deeper feelings in my heart for alfie.

He pushed my back against the wall still with his lips on mine. I didnt care I liked it heck I loved it!

He sliped his toung across my vottom lip and with out hesatation I let him in.

As his lips explored mine and his toung explored my mouth his hands sliped round my waist.

he pulled away and reasted his head against mine.

Alfie: no cameras I love you realy love you

Marcus: I kinda love you too

Alfie: good

With that me and alfie were back to kissing and a little more........

Authors note:

Okay so I really wanna make some online friends, feel free to message me and I will be happy to talk to anyone. Don't mean to sound creepy. And I am 17 years old incase people are wondering.
I don't judge anyone for anything.
And thanks for all the reads.

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