Chapter 9

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"Hey! Hey! Listen! Wake up!"

Buddar groaned and rolled over on her side. "Gowway...." She mumbled, still half asleep.

She felt something repeatedly poke her cheek. She opened her eyes to see Navi fluttering about in front of her face. "Hey!" She squeaked. "We need to get your burn fixed!"

Buddar sat up and covered her mouth as she yawned. She grabbed her cap off the bedpost, Lyra quickly zipped out, and she put it on. "Good morning!" Link greeted her as she climbed out of the top bunk. "Did you sleep well?"

Buddar smiled. "Morning." She said. "I slept very well, thanks."

Link smiled and handed her a bit of bread and some water. "Thank you." She said as she began eating. She handed a bit of the bread to Lyra, who ate happily.

Link watched curiously. "I've never seen a fairy eat before," He said. "I wasn't even sure if they could eat."

Buddar smiled. "Fairies can eat, but they don't need to." She said. "But when I first met her and became a thief, I didn't think it was fair to hog all of the goods she helped me to get. I would always allow her to have her share of the goods first, then I would take whatever is left."

Link nodded in understanding. "How did you find Lyra?" He asked.

Lyra perched on the top of Buddar's cap. "Actually, it was I who found her." She said. "I had been flying through the forest and enjoying the nice summer day, when I heard the sound of someone crying. I followed the sound, and found Buddar leaning against a tree with tears pouring from her eyes. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me that a couple of Hylians in castle town had said that she was a freak, all because she had a unique hair and eye color that nobody else in Castle Town had. I told her that she was pretty, and not to listen to those people, and we've been best friend's ever since."

Link's cheerful smile had faded into a sympathetic frown as Lyra told her story. "Did they really say that to you?" Link asked Buddar.

She nodded. "Everyone did," She said, looking down. "You probably think the same."

A look of shock passed through Link's eyes. "No! I would never think that!" He said. "You're not a freak. Your looks may be different, but that's what makes a person beautiful!"

Buddar glanced up at Link. "You really think I'm... beautiful?" She asked.

Link nodded. "Of course!" He said. "And don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise." Buddar felt a slight smile creep onto her lips.

"Hey!" Navi suddenly shouted. "Are we going to get going, or what? Come on, we need to get Buddar's burn healed!"

Link nodded. "Alright." He said, walking over to the table and picking up a piece of yellow fabric. He turned and tossed it at Buddar, who caught it in mid air. She realized that it was her tunic, and there was no longer a massive, charred hole in the back.

"I fixed it this morning while you slept." Link said, turning around so that he couldn't see her. "You can barely tell that it was damaged.

Buddar smiled and took off the white t shirt she was wearing. "Thanks, Link!" She said, slipping on her yellow tunic, her burn slightly stung from the contact with the fabric. "You can look now."

Link turned around. "You ready to go?" He asked.

She nodded, and they both walked outside. Lyra slipped into Buddar's cap as Link picked her up and set her on Epona. He sat in front of her, and they rode off into the field.

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