Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 

I had barely taken a few steps before my phone vibrates. I check it and see that it's a text from Jacob. 

You seemed pretty excited when you woke up this morning

My heart is racing as I frantically type back a reply but he's already sent another message. 

It's cool, it happens. 

Sighing, I type in my reply. 

Don't get the wrong idea

I wait a few seconds before he replies 

I won't 

Rolling my eyes, I make my way back to my dorm. The door is closed, cautiously I open it and peak through. 

My roommate is fast asleep, his snores are very audible. I lay down on my bed and try and go over what just happened. 

Guys get hard all the time, so I doubt it could have been because of him. If he's not making it a big deal then I shouldn't either. 

My thoughts are interrupted by sudden rustling. I look over and notice a very beautiful blonde laying in beside his roommate. 

I get up and leave and make my way back to Jacob's room. He's sitting on his bed and he looks up at me.

"Back already?"

"My roommate has a girl with him still."

He raises an eyebrow, and looks at me amused. 

"So are you gonna just let him disrespect you like that?"

"What the fuck do want me to do" 

"I'll show you" 

He gestures for me to lead the way back to my dorm. We make our way across campus back to my dorm. 

Jacob enters before I get the chance and it's only now I notice he has something in his hand. He puts it up to his mouth and it's only then I realize it's a whistle. I put my hands over my ears as he blows the whistle.

My roommate and the girl both jump and fall out of bed together. 

Jacob bursts out laughing and grips a nearby dresser to keep from falling over. 

"What the fuck?"

My roommate is upright and dazed staring around the room.  The girl stirs besides him, covering herself, she grabs her discarded clothing, Jacob's eyes don't leave my roommates face. 

As the girl dresses herself, my roommate is still staring back at Jacob as if he isn't sure if he's real or a hallucination.

"Who the fuck are you?"

Jacob smiles back at him, with his whistle between his fingers. 

"Your worst nightmare, you see Aaron" he nods at me. "Didn't appreciate you locking him out, so I'm simply paying you back."

My roommate smirks at me, making my stomach twist. 

"So you're too pussy to confront me, so you get this weirdo to do it for you."

Jacob rolls his eyes "Just don't be a fucking asshole dipshit." 

My roommate gets up and makes a move towards Jacob. The girl leaves dressed without a word. 

I stare at both of them, they lock eyes seemingly ready to square off and I get between them, I didn't want Jacob to get hurt because of me.

My roommate smirks as I step in front of him. 

"Looks like your boyfriend is concerned about your safety. Whatever, I'll leave you two alone."

As he leaves Jacob stares after him. 

"He's total shithead"

"That's putting it mildly"

He laughs which puts me at ease, before smiling over at me again.

"I'm glad I could help, you want me to stay just in case he tries something."

I shake my head "No, I'll be fine. Thanks again for everything."

He puts a hand on my shoulder, before he walks out the room leaving me alone.

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