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“You're under the influence of alcohol, Liam.” I told him.

Even tho sinaway ko na sya, mas inilapit pa nya ang mukha nya. In serious tone, he said right to my face, “kahit hindi ako nakainom, I've always wanted to ravage your lips. Kiss and suck them hard. Deep and needy and fast. I wanna hear your soft moans dissolving on my mouth. I want to explore every inch of your sweet savory mouth using my tongue and I want them swollen so I have a proof of what have I done.”

Wala akong masabi sa lahat ng narinig ko from Liam. He never talk dirty to me like this. And hearing all of those, another batch of butterflies partied on my belly. I could only imagine how red I look.

“And you have no idea, Amor, about how much I dream of you. Each and every night I am fantasizing you. Gusto kitang hawakan everywhere. I wanna touch you in a way that only I, your boyfriend, could. Because you belong to me, Amor. And seeing Matthew dicking around with you is driving me crazy. Nababaliw ako kakaisip na baka gusto mo rin sya.” His free hand gently caressed my other cheek. “You are mine. You made it clear back then and it's my right to set you off-limit.”

I gulp. Everything is just so overwhelming. His revelations, his transparency. I liked to think kung saan hahatong ang usapan na ‘to, but I also have to remind myself na sa aming dalawa, ako ang hindi nakainom. Ako ang steady and in control, that makes me the responsible one to keep the situation at bay. “Liam, naka-inom ka. Take a rest.”

I wish makikinig na lang sya sa akin but he pursued the subject. “Do you like Matthew?”

Napakunot ang noo ko. “No! Syempre hindi!”

“How about me? Do you trust me? Do you love me? Are you thinking about me every night before you go to sleep?” I remained silent. “Amor, answer me.” He lift my chin using his thumb and forefinger.

“Yes,” I replied in a form of whisper.

“Yes, what?” he pursued.

Lumunok muna ako bago sumagot. “Mahal kita. Pinagkakatiwalaan kita...” I intended to cut myself short before finishing off my statement. “And I'm thinking about you. Just as much as you think about me. Hindi lang gabi-gabi, Liam. Araw-araw at oras-oras kitang iniisip.” The instant I admit how I longed for him, his eyes darkened again.

At ang kanina'y nasa pisngi kong kamay nya ay lumipat sa batok ko. Liam look at me with dominance. Bago pa ako makagawa ng paraan para pigilan ang ano mang mangyayari, Liam already pulled me close and he crushed his lips on mine. It was an aggressive contact. His lips was harsh and needy and possessive in every way possible...

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