41: Dear Abba (Father)

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Author's POV:

             Coming out of the court room, she started walking towards her cabin whereas Sila who followed a little behind her said,
"The first hearing went pretty well. But I do wish it would have been amazing to see Dr. Shahid's reaction when we exposed his crime."

             But Aayat, who was had heard her just nodded her head. In the court room she had presented the case of Sarah excellently before the judge but there was not a single expression of happiness on her face as her whole mood was still spoiled from the event of earlier morning.

             She had finally let her feelings , her doubts and questions out Infront of Mahir. But not finding the answer to them, had made her more annoyed as she over and over a thought.

What is this supposed to mean?

              Entering inside her cabin, she sat on her chair as she asked Sila,

"Where is Ahmed Uncle? Did he leave?"

Sila shrugged as she replied,

"I don't know. Let me go and see him."

As Sila was about to exit the room, a knock came on the door. When Sila opened it, Ahmed came inside as he said,

"Assalam walaikum."

"Walaikum salam." Aayat answered as she gestured him to sit.

Sitting on the opposite chair the old man's face which was tired was now shining as his heart was feeling at peace ,

"You did good job in the court beta. I am sure Sarah will be happy that you're the one doing this for her.."

For the first time in last few hours a slight smile adorned Aayat's lips as she talked with him. Little did she know, this smile was going to vanish from her face.

           A few minutes passed and as they were still talking, the door of the room flew open and in response Aayat's eyes turned towards the door, only to find Mahir standing there. Her mind which was somehow diverted again brought back the memories of this morning as she looked at him.

"Sorry.. I didn't mean to disturb you..
But it's urgent.." Mahir said as he genuinely apologized finding her in between some discussion.

She gulped down her anger as she quietly said without looking towards him but ahead of herself,

"Wait outside I will talk to you in a minute."

Looking at her, Mahir sensed that the rudeness was the result of their previous arguement but nonetheless, he said , urgency sensible from his voice,

"No Aayat, it's really urgent just come with me outside for a sec."

Aayat now looked at him and found out that his face was actually serious. After a second she nodded and got up and followed him in the ally outside the room.

          As soon as they reached into the distance Mahir looked at her while she stood not looking at him, her hands crossed over each other as she waited for him to say what he wanted.

"You need to come with me."

Mahir said, a little nervously as he felt short of words.


Aayat said as she looked at him daringly.

"Come with me, please?" He said again. This time gently as she replied with same rudeness.

"I am not going anywhere."

Mahir looked at her face, that was showing the stubborn expressions. What should he say to her now? Running his hand in frustration through his hair, he finally held one of her hand as he said still in a low voice

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