Chapter 16:Shopping

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Alissia pov
I woke up with warmth beside me.My sleep was so peaceful.My pillow was radiating warmth.

Pillow never radiate warmth!

I open my eyes to see a figure laying beside me and I did what all other girls do I scream and fell off the bed with thud. My head hit the floor and my back.The pain in my was so much that I groaned.I layed on floor for some minutes

"Alissia!What happens love?" That bastard scared the hell out of me.

He picked me up from the floor set me on the bed and started massaging my temples.He ran to the other side of bed and again massage my temple.

When my pain subsided.I grabbed the nearby thing that was my pillow and start hitting Xavier.I hit Xavier with full force.

"Ah ah ouch Love why are you hitting me?" He exclaimed

"Why! WHY!! You jerk you scared the hell out of me.I thought there is somebody." I exclaimed and start hitting him again until table turns the pillow was snatched and thrown out of my hand and He was hovering above me.

"Love isn't it bad to hit your own mate." He said with playful voice

"Nah when mate is a jerk like you who gave his mate heart attack he need to be hit." I said

"First you disturbed my peaceful sleep with you second you start to hit me Third you called me jerk." He said

"So?" I raised an eyebrow

"Darling its 4am in the morning .Let's get some sleep more" He said and put his all weight on me.He was now lying on top me.I was being crushed.

"Xavier? Hello? Earth to Xavier?" I said slapping his arm

Ho mah gard he is shirtless!!

"Sorry but your call to Xavier is not reaching please try later" He said

This bish

"Xavier I can't breath and mY head hurts." When I said this he was on my side in flash

"Thank god now I can sleep with my mate not a giant who was crushing me" I said smiling

"Tch you are one of kind" he chuckled

He grabbed me by my waist and now my back was touching his front we drifted to sleep.

We woke up in the evening at 5pm.I tried to get out of his grip but this man is made up of steel or iron.

I said that out loud!

"Babe these are pure muscles" he said with his husky voice.

"Xavier I have to go to shopping and I have to take the bath but you can take a bath first." I said

"No I wanna cuddle more with you" He said with cute voice.

"Now Xavier" I said sternly

"Ok mom" he said and grabbed his clothes and went to the bathroom.

After ten minutes he exited the bathroom with fully clothed. I was going in to the bathroom. When he grabbed my arm and turned me to face him he kissed my forehead.

"I will be waiting" he whispered

I ran and closed the bathroom door . I took a warm bath washed my hair body with rose scented shampoo and body wash.I wrapped the towel around me and exited the bathroom to see no one in the room. I went into my closet and wore black bra and black under wear. I change in to this

 I change in to this

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