8// Tori

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I've loved being in River-Cove so far, I've spent days with a good book at the beach, I've spent time catching up with Tess and her husband Ray.

I haven't seen my neighbors much though, I've seen and small talked with Deacon a few times, he flirts but I know he's harmless.

As for Derek, I haven't seen him once, I guess that's a good thing because for some reason he brings out the worst side of me, he's smug and he knows it, which annoys me.

Honestly, after a week here I'm really starting to question why I'm still here? Don't get me wrong it's been nice, being back in the place where I spent all my summers as a child and teenager.

And I've loved reconnecting with the island itself and the people I once knew and who knew my Nan.

But in all of that, I'm here alone, I spend my nights alone with my own thoughts. And I do question why I'm still in River-Cove when I have my life back in California. My job is there waiting for me and my best friend.

The beach house is sorted out, I could keep it and rent it out. I can't sell this place; this house means too much to me to just sell it off and never look back.

So I have a plan for it, which is good. So really there is no need for me to be in River-Cove but the thought of being in the same state as Mia right now turns my stomach.

Which isn't really fair you know? She did this unforgivable thing to me, she's now living with and screwing the man I was meant to marry, she got everything she wanted.

And I can't even stand the thought of going back to California, I place I grown to love and call home over my years of living there.

As stupid as it sounds I feel like I don't have a place to call home anymore, which is crazy and silly because I have three different places I could stay at, the house here in River-Cove is one, my parents in Philly, and Grace's in Cali.

But I've always believed that it's the people who make a home, not a place, and even though I am surrounded by people who love and care about me. I've never felt more alone than I do now.

Apart of me wishes I could just shake these feelings away, act like it doesn't bother me, I wish I could just snap my fingers and get over the hurt and sadness.

Because I know that I'm the only one who is devastated, I'm the only one who is hurt and lost. And Mia and Jeremy, just don't deserve happily ever after, for what they did to me.

I swear I'm so bitter and I hate it, I'm not this kind of person. I'm bubbly, an easy-going woman always has been, but now there's just this dark cloud over me all the time and it makes it harder to smile most days.

Snapping out of my thoughts as my phone rings, whipping the fallen tear from my cheek, and grabbed it, just as I see a facetime request from Grace.

Answering the call just as the face of my best friend pops up and she smiles.

"Hi Girl-;" I heard Grace say but only to cut off abruptly when she sees me.

"What's wrong? I see shining tears on your face." She says, shaking my head.

"I'm fine Gracie, promise" I mumbled, regaining my voice back from crying.

"Liar, why are you crying tori...you can talk to me" she sadly replies,

"I know, I guess I'm just a little homesick which is stupid because I actually don't have a home right now"

"Enough of that, of course, you have a home. You always have a home with me, when everything happened with you know who, you were my rock, Tori. You gave me a place to feel safe again.... you gave me hope when I thought it was lost and I will always return that" She says to me, feeling my heart swell with friendship.

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