Chapter 23: I told you not to

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"SHIT, Maya. Damn. I told her ass not too." I said sighing, "I'm going down to the station, You take the girl home"

"August, Did mama do this?"

"I don't know, I'll find out."


"Maya, why? I told you not too."

She looked at me giving me this look and turning back in her seat like she didn't hear me

"Maya? You hear me, Tell me. I told you, I had her. Where is she?"

"I killed her, August. I didn't mean too, she shot first and I had to shoot back"

"Maya, do you know how many years you got? You should've let me handle her."

"August, I know what I'm doing. Watch me work"

"Visiting hours over"

"Kiss the kids for me, Okay? I love you"she said hanging the phone up and leaving

I sat the phone on the hook, DAMN maya.



"Hello?" I said opening the door to my house and answering my phone

Phone Convo with Maliyah

Maliyah: Dad, moms been arrested

Me: What? For what?

Maliyah: She's charged with Murder

Me: Murder? Nah, ion believe that

Maliyah: Well, August was stabbed and the girl was threatening momma so momma left and apparently mom killed the girl in self defense.

Me: She's still in jail?

Maliyah: Yeah, Dad I'm scared

Me: Maliyah, Your mom will be fine. I promise you that, Did they give her bail?

Maliyah: No because, she admitted to it.

Me: Why would she admit to it?

Maliyah: You know mama

Me: Where's August?

Maliyah: Right here

Me: Let me talk to em

August: Helluh?

Me: What's going on?

August: Maya was arrested and they charging her with 2nd Degree Murder, I don't know how many years she facing

Me: Did they let you see her?

August: Yeah listen I got to go, I'll let you know some if I hear sum

He hung up



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