Chapter 36

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Hi Hi! Here's another chapter, since last time it was... I don't know... I didn't like it. Anyways, Enjoy!!!


        "Now," the priest says, "it's time for the ring exchange."

        The ring boy comes with the rings. My unidentified husband slides my ring on my left ring finger. I do the same to his.

        "I can't believe we are finally married," I say, taking a hold of his hand. He takes my hand, and puts it near his lips to put a light kiss on it. Before that happens...

        I wake up. Another hospital... Huh? I sit up, and find Theo sleeping on my hand. "Theo..." I try to shake him awake, but I have this pain in my stomach. "Ah!"

        "Nurse!" He wakes up screaming.

        "Shh..." I tell him, "it's okay. I'm guessing I have another stitch?"

        "Yup. You do," Theo says. "So you're okay?"

        "Of course," I answer. "I always seem to survive everything."

        "You're a little soldier," he says.

        "Have you been crying?" I ask about his red, puffy eyes.

        "What? Oh, no..." He tries to cover his eyes, but fails.

        "Isn't it too late for you to be here?"

        "I'm a doctor, with advantages."

        "How long have I been here?"

        "A couple of days..."

        "Lori and Trevor?"

        "They're okay. They're at the house." I just nod, "do you want to talk about it?"

        I shake my head. "Hey! Maybe this was what your dreams were talking about..."

        "I think you are right," he says. "The nightmares stopped. I was just having a beautiful dream..."


        "Um, my first born..." Theo says, going back to daydreaming about it.

        "Was it a boy or girl?"

        "I don't know... I didn't get to see that. I'm pretty sure it would be a boy."

        I smile to him, "so now you have no dream to worry about."

        "Nope, we are all good."

        "That's good..."

        "I found something that you might want to know, and it might help you with your mother's investigation..."

        "What is it?"

        "It's a birth certificate..."


        "Yours. Apparently, it's your original one. You're father brought on his way here to see you. Here."

        He hands me my certificate, and I give a small giggle, "My original middle name is not Ema, it's Usagi..."

        "What is that?"

        "It means 'bunny' or 'rabbit' in Japanese."

        "That explains stuff about you..."

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