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Sorry for another A/N but i couldn't help it!! I NOW KNOW WHO OUR WINNER IS FOR MY EDITOR/ IDEA HELPER!! That would be.....(drum roll please)....... @RebekahMurray!! YAY!! So i will be contacting her to see if she still wants to!! Yes i know im a tottaly rat face for doing it before Wensday but i love her idea!!

She could come in handy and make this book sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better!!!!!!!!!!!But i will be doing more contest later but i really need some book help!!! Sorry if i made you mad!! 

But anywho!1 CONGRATS REBEKAH!!! BTW if you guys comment more i know the flaws and can fix them!! I wont get mad, unless your like "THIS BOOK SUCKS GO FALL OFF A CLIFF" then i would probaly never update again.......

REMEMBER COMMENT AND VOTE!! NO GHOST READERS WANTED!!! Even if you dont comment or vote dont read cuz i love all fans!!

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