Chapter 9

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This is the new Zayden! If I said he had colored eyes just pretend he has them! I'm sorry but I don't remember if I said he did!(:

Austen's P.O.V

Today we had to go back to school. I was so not looking forward for this. I mean I wanted to spend time with Zayden.

We we're on our way now, but he had to drop me off a block away from the school. Almost everyone in the school were werewolf, there was a handful of humans, like me, so we couldn't risk it.

I walked the rest of the way and make my way to my locker where Danny, Nathan and Joey were standing. I smile wide as I'm taken into a group hug.

"Where have you been cupcake!" Nathan yells at me.

"Yeah cupcake! We missed you so much!" Joey says as he ruffles my hair. I slap his hand away and glare at them.

"Okay first don't call me cupcake! Secondly I was with my.... My um boyfriend" I say with a blush and smile.

"Boyfriend? And who might this boyfriend be?" Joey asks

"Well let me tell you! He's so hot! And you'll never expect who it is!" Danny say. Joey looks at him with a jealous look.

"You've met him?" Joey ask with a cold look

"Oh yeah! He came home with him yesterday. Big surprise. Hey Austin do you know if he has any brothers?" Danny asks with a smirk.

"Yes actually I think he has a twin brother but he doesn't live around here. He has I think two more brothers and a sister" I say and laugh as Joey lets a low growl out.

I pull Joey aside and smile up at him.
"Hey if you don't want him with another guy, ask him out! I think he only asked to get you jealous"

"You think so?" He asks in a hopeful tone. I smile and nod.

"Yeah I think so. Hey um this might sound a bit weird but are you a werewolf?" I ask a bit hesitantly

He look at me in shock before nodding.
"Yes I am but how... How do you know about werewolves?"

"Well um my boyfriend... He's my mate." I say smiling wide

"Wait hold on who's your mate?!" He say excitedly

"It's Zayden actually" he look as me again shocked.

"Alpha Zayden is your mate! Wait that means you're our Luna." I look at him weird and shrug it off.

"Does this mean my brother is your mate?" I say smiling and bumping my shoulder with his.

"Yeah he is" he says with a blush and smile. I smile wide and hug him.

"You hurt him and I'll personally hunt you down." I tell him seriously

"No I'd never hurt him. Danny's the best thing that could possibly happen to me" he's says dreamily

"Okay well you should probably get at him before he starts talking to someone." He growls and walks over to Danny. I chuckle and walk back to my locker to grab my things.

The day goes by slowly and it was a drag. Zayden had invited me and the guys to his house. I drove with Zayden and Danny with the guys.

"How was your day baby?" Zayden asks as he grabs my hand in his.

"So long! Ugh I can't wait to graduate babe"

"Me either. I'm really excited for you to move in with me then."

Soon we get to the house and walk into the house. The guys walk in with their jaw dropped. Zayden chuckles and walks us to the kitchen.

"Austin had the same look when we first came in"

"Alpha your house is beautiful" Joey tells him. Danny looks at Joey weirdly but doesn't say anything.

"Thank you Joey. Why don't you guys go to the game room and I'll cook something for you guys" the guys run to the game room.

"You're so kind baby. You go sit and I'll cook." I tell him and take out the things I need to use to make us some pasta. After an hour or so I finish and plate the food. Zayden helps me and we walk into the game room. I hand each of them a plate.

The day is spent with all of us competing. Of course I won almost every time.

It was getting pretty late so the guys decided to start heading home.

"Austin are you coming or staying?" Nathan tell from the door.

"He's staying!" Zayden yells.

"Can we watch a movie babe?" I ask as Zayden puts his arms around my waist.

"Of course little one. Let's go to the theater room."

When we get to the and settle into the large bed/chair. He grabs the fancy looking remote and click on Netflix. I really don't know what movie was playing. I was to busy playing with Zayden's hands.

"Having fun little one?" He says chuckling

I blush and look up at him. "I am actually"

"Hey baby? How would you like for us to go on a trip. I mean tomorrow is our last day till winter break."

I look at him smiling and nod quickly. " of course I'll love too! Just us?"

"Yes just us. I was thinking of going to my private camp log. No one is around. Well they are just hours and hours away. It'll be just you and I" he says as he intertwines our hands.

"I'd love that." I say cuddling into him.

"Ok well start packing as soon as you get home tomorrow after school. I have to make sure your parents are fine with me taking you away." He kisses my head before standing up and walking out to ,what I assume, call my parents.

I couldn't wait. I wanted to finally give him what I kept so long for someone so special. I was very nervous but I knew he'd never hurt me. Not intentionally.

My sweet sweet readers! I'm so terribly sorry! I never thought I'd be that author to take forever to just right ONE chapter a mouth! I feel so bad! Please forgive me! I hope you lovelies enjoyed the chapter!



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