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So just saying, anything bold is author note
Anything in italics is the POV thinking
ONTO THE STORY! Oh, and I won't be writing it like the real books... I'll be writing it with POV's

Heatherkit's POV

I woke to yowling across the clearing, then a snarl from something I didn't recognize. I felt something shivering next to me.

"Icekit, what's wrong", I asked the ( mostly ) white kit.

"I-I-I don't think those are cats out t-t-there", he replied shakily.

That's right, he's only 2 moons old. But what could it be he was talking about?

I flashed a glance outside the nursery to see what he was talking about. I turned around wide eyed.

No.... it just can't be......

"Icekit..... We have to go right now...", I couldn't bear the sight.

Gore ( well kind of ) warning

Outside the den I could see the bodies of many warriors with blood stains on their fur. Some even had limbs torn off. I winced as my eye landed on my mom, Emberspirit. She had her left eye clawed out, stomach was sliced and diced and most of her fur was missing. Only on animal could have done that much damage

A fox

I picked up Icekit by the scruff and ran out the back entrance.

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