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Yall look at Lil Rih 🥺 ^^
(always had a big ass forehead tho)

Los Angeles

"Are you nervous?" I nodded slightly and Jada reached over to grab my hand. "Don't be. This is for you to speak your truth. There will be no judgement or goading here, okay?"

I took in a slow breath and nodded. "Okay.. one second.." I looked up and made eye contact with my favorite eyes and without anything being muttered, she walked up.

"What's up?" She whispered and crouched in front of me, her hands resting on my thighs. "You need anything?"

"A hug." I mumbled truthfully and she smiled before leaning up and wrapping her arms around me. I inhaled deeply, her scent simply calming me down and she laughed softly. "What? You smell good."

"I always smell good." She retorted before pulling back and gazing at me with the most pure, loving look ever. "You got this.. just speak you, okay? I love you and I'm proud of you no matter what."

"I love you too, kiss?" I puckered my lips and she pressed a soft kiss to my lips, then pulled back again with a smile. "Can we get Wendy's after this?"

"We can get whatever you want, princess." She teased and I rolled my eyes before pushing her back.

"Leave." I said with a chuckle and she blew me a kiss before moving back behind the group of cameras. No one was in here beside her, two cameraman, and the sound tech. And Jada.. my interviewer.

Originally I wasn't going to do this. I was just gonna maybe post something on Instagram, maybe add an apology video but then I got the call. Jada asked if I wanted to be on her new show, the Red Table. At first I said no. I didn't need a TV show to talk about shit.. then I realized how many things I've left not talked about.

Starting from the beginning, my beef with Drake, finding out about Dahlia, the sexual assault, now this. Sure I'd post a little tweet here and there but I never talked about it in depth, at least not with anyone publicly.

I asked Robyn what she thought and she was all for me making my own decisions, but she did advise that I could finally clear the board. Start fresh. Maybe that could help.. I always felt like my name was mixed into something, so fuck it, I was taking my name out of the mix.

Today and today only.. I was going to talk about everything. I was going to leave it all on the table, literally, and finally move on with my life.

It was time.

"Okay we're going to start. Are you ready?" Jada asked again

I nodded with a smile. "Yeah, let's do it."

"We're ready Frank." She called out and the cameraman gave her a thumbs up before counting down. "Okay before we get into it, I want to bring something up really quick." I nodded softly. "You were really nervous before the cameras started rolling to the point where your hands were shaking but.. you spoke with your fiancée for like two seconds and boom." She waved her hands with a soft smile. "The nerves were gone."

I chuckled softly and nodded. "Yeah I've never understood it either.." I shrugged and folded my hands on the table. "It's been like that since the first problem I've faced with her in my life.. crazy." I mumbled as I thought back, all the way to the night she flew out after I had the argument with my dad. I never cried in front of anyone. Within five minutes, she had me sobbing..

"She's your peace." Jada stated more than asked and I nodded immediately.

"One hundred percent." I casted a look in her direction and saw Robyn holding a small smile with her arms crossed over her stomach. I smile back before focusing on Jada again.

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