[Love and Tears] part 34.

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"Um, june, w-what's wrong?" I asked. "W-why are you c-crying? W-why was I sent to this ward? What's going on!" I demanded, gulping.

"I'm sorry..." June said, hugging on to me.

"What? Why? Why are you sorry!" I demanded.

"You can't guess?"

"N-no! It c-cant be! No!" I screamed, grabbing onto my hair and falling onto the floor. "No! No! No!"

"Its okay, its okay!" June said, falling to the floor and rubbing my back. I could see that she couldn't help but let a tear slip too.

"No! My only left family gone! No! Please, no!" I wailed, yanking my hair and biting my lips.

"I'm so sorry," June apologised, even though I knew it wasn't her fault.

"No! Please! Not Terry!" I wailed, crying harder. My face grew hot and my eyes went red due to so much crying.

My heart felt like it had been ripped. My only family was gone. I didn't even want to see the body. I didn't want anything more to do with here. Not any more. Enough is enough!

This just proves my theory that when something good happens, something bad happens later. Its just in my blood. After my 13th birthday, my parents died. After my 14th, aunty died. When Danielle gave me then beautiful earrings and when I realised I wanted Jay, I got kidnapped. When I was about to be saved, I got shot. When Jay proposed to me, Terry died.

I wanted to leave. And that's what I was going to do. I didn't want to drag Jay into my life of sadness and unluckiness. I loved Jay very much and that's why I made that decision. I had his best interests at heart.

I was going to leave. As soon as possible. I was 16 so I didn't need an adult for a flight or a hotel or a job or even a flat. I had been saving up for university and other things but I decided I was going to use that and start saving up once I'm settled somewhere else. I was really going to do it. I was going to go.

I had lost my only Uncle, my job and now my fiance. My heart hurt and I knew no-one or nothing could replace any of that. No one could possibly be as good as my Jay but I had to leave them all behind and it almost killed me to think that.

I'd book the flights tonight and the next day I'd be out of there. What do I have to stay here for? Nothing. I have nothing. I didn't even want to stay for the funeral. June would be there and she's been more of a family member then me. His own niece. He's not even my real uncle.

If I left Jay, I'm certain there will always be in a place in my heart for life. My first love won't ever be forgotten. Symbolically, he's still mine. When I look at my bare finger, I'll always remember he was mine and still is and always will be.

After bawling my eyes out and creating a puddle of tears and clouds of sighs, I finally calmed down only slightly.

"W-why? W-what happened?" I asked between my short gasps for breath.

"They said it's common in people with his condition,"

I gulped, wiping away the tears flowing down my cheeks. "J-june, w-was it m-my f-fault?"

"No! No, no. They said there was a high chance it would of happened anyways.'

I licked the tear dangling off my lip. I sighed. Why did all bad things happen to me? It was so upsetting to see Terry leave for good. Guilt rose inside of me as I realised how little I actually visited him.

"J-june, c-can I see him?"

She looked up at me with a suprised expression. "Um are you sure you want to?"

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