°Chapter 7° Autobots+Backyard...Complete Disaster

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"Sam Witwicky you hold the key to Earth's survival," Optimus says. Well if Sam- "And you Tanya Fey Wess," Optimus adds, everyone looking at me. "Are more important than you realize." He finishes. What the hell? More important than I realize? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Mik turns to Sam with pleading eyes. "Please tell me you have those glasses." She begs Sam. Sam gulps, but nods.

"Well Sam," I say, catching his attention. "Looks like we're all going to die." I remark with a smirk.

"Not now Tai." Sam mumbles, hopping into Bee who's in his alt mode. I look up at the bots confused.

"Was it something I said?" I ask, earning a deep chuckle from Ironhide. The other three just send me amused glances. Mik sends me a confused look, but hops into Bee. As I'm about to hop into Ironhide, Optimus calls for me.

"Tanya I would like for you to ride me." His baritone voice says, stopping me. I tilt my head in confusion, but nod.

"Alright." I say, jumping into his alt mode instead.

~~~~Small Time Skip~~~~

"Tanya." The mention of my name makes me jump.

"Yeah?" Please don't ask questions.

"I want the truth." He replies. Well..it isn't a question.

"About what?" I ask dumbly.

"About this so called 'Sparky'."

"I already told you the truth." I mumble. Don't lose your cool Tanya, just take deep breaths.

"Tanya." Optimus presses. I glare at the dashboard.

"It's part of my past. Alright? One I don't need you figuring out." I snap, but immediately regret it. "Sorry." I mumble. The seatbelt tightens around me. In a..hug?

"It is alright Tanya. I did not mean to intrude on anything personal." Optimus apologizes.

"No, I should be the one apologizing, I shouldn't have snapped at you. It's...just that Sparky is someone who I think is just apart of my imagination." Guilt clutches at my stomach as I lie to him. "She's just..." I'm debating on telling him the truth, or telling him more lies. "I..." I can't get the words out. It feels wrong lying to him.

"Shh," Optimus cooes. "You do not need to talk about if you don't wish to." He says softly. I give him a small smile, softly patting his dash.

"Thanks.." I whisper. I'm glad he isn't making me explain anything.

Although...I can't help but feel like something bad is approaching...something that will change my life, and the lives of people around me..forever.

~~~~Back at the house~~~~

As I hop out of Optimus, Sam comes rushing over...acting like a spazz. Sigh.

"I need you two to stay here, all right? You got to stay here and you're gonna watch them." Sam says, trying to control his spazz attacks.

"Eh." I shrug, earning a glare from Mr.Spazz Attack.

"Yeah, okay, okay." Mik replies, trying to calm him down. Sam nods at Mik and runs off...using the grass.

"So...." I start off, leaning against Bee.

"How do you know Sam?" Mik asks out of the blue. I mentally smirk.

"We're dating." I reply. I have to bite my tongue to stop laughing. Her face is so priceless!

"Oh..." She mumbles sadly. I just pat her shoulder.

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