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Pen Your Pride

Lana and Harry (at the hotel)

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hey this is lana and Harry in the hotel I hope you enjoy!!! xxxx

We arrive at the hotel, hand in hand. Everybody looks at us and sees how much we love eachother. Harry asks the manager for the best room and then looks at me and winks at him. The manager goes on his computer and says i've got one that would be perfect for you two love birds. Harry laughs and takes the key.

Harry arives at the door of our room and I go to open it but Harry takes the key and lifts me up into his arms. We go into our room and all that catches my eye is the king sized bed in the middle. I'm still in Harry's arms and he throws me onto the bed and laughs at me because i'm lying there and soaking in the comfiness of the bed. It is around 6:00pm and i'm getting hungry. Harry says that there is a lovely resturant downstairs and that he wants to show his romantic side to me. I fix my hair again and so does Harry and then he takes my hand and leads me downstairs. We arrive and alot of people look at us but Harry is pround to have me by his side. We sit down and look at the menus for a little while. The waiter comes over and looks at Harry first. "We will have a large speghetti bolognese between us, please?" of course. What about drinks? I just say a coke and so does Harry. The waiter walks off and Harry is saying how he has got a big surprise for tonight.

The speghetti comes and it is very, very big. We try to do the secne out of the lady and the tramp when the eat the same peice of pasta and gently go face to face but when we did the pasta broke and fell back onto the plate, we just laugh at eachother sweetly. We move onto dessert and we share a big white chocolate heart with ice-cream iside it. That was very nice but Harry is even nicer.

We go back to our room again and Harry has been very happy since we got here and I think that we are going to be very busy tonight. We walk in and it is lovely and warm. I take my hair out and see how it looks like an afro so I go and have a shower. While i'm in the shower I can hear Harry messing around but right now I don't care because i'm in love. I get out of the shower and put a towl round myself. Harry is waitng on the bed but he still has his clothes on. I get my clotes back on too because i'm really cold. I get onto the bed aswell and Harry turns round and and kisses me. Hard. He stops and then says quietly i've been wanting to do this for a while. We start to kiss again but this time harder. He takes my top of so that i'm in my bra. I take his off but it took a long time because he was kissing me very hard. I get it off to reveal this thing off pure gorgousness. He takes of my skirt so that the only thing i'm wear is my underwear. I do the same to him. He reaches behind me and I hear a click and then see my bra lying on the floor. He also gets my pants off and I really don't know how. I try to take his off and then watch as his clavin klein pants fall on top of mine.

I was lost in hat was happening and so was Harry. We started to roll around more. I started to feel something and I kind of guessed what it was. This was it i'm not a virgin anymore. Harry started to kiss me harder now until i found it hard to breathe. I ran my fingers down his chest and he groaned a bit, but it was so smooth. We started to relax a bit and we went under the covers because we were both very tired. I cuddled into him and gently fell asleep.

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