Bella's POV

I'm Bella, an average 15 year old girl. I am on vacation in Chicago with my friend Nat. I am on my way to Gerretts for their amazing popcorn, Nat's not coming with me because she's not feeling good. I am sure popcorn will cheer her up.

I was walking from the hotel just embracing the amazing city, remembering when Nat, my sister Sarah, and I came here for our tenth birthdays, I walk by the American Girl store remembering the first time I went in there with my American Girl. Watching Sarah's face light up!

I arrived at Gerretts and the amazing scent filled my nose. I waited in line for what felt like hours. After i got my popcorn, I ate some and walked outside, I plugged my earbuds in and sang along to my favourite song; fall by Justin Beiber. As I was walking, I bumped into someone, "watch were your going" I mumbled. He's wearing a black hoodie covering his face, he looked up at me and I froze. I just bumped ino Trevor Moran! "Hi I'm Trevor" he said "I know" I replied. "So your a fan?" "Actually my friend is in love with you" "I heard you singing, you have a really nice voice. Would you like to do a cover-duet with me sometime?" "sure" I reply "do you want to exchange numbers so we can stay in touch?" I passed him my phone, and he did the same "I better get going, my friend is waiting for me" with that we said goodbye and I walked away.

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