Chapter 1

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You were visiting Japan on a school trip and you were really jumpy. You had always wanted to go to Japan. And not because of anime. You enjoyed the idea of shrines and you longed to visit one in Japan.

[Your POV]

"Alright everyone, you are ambassadors from (county). So you must be on your best behaviour," My Teacher, (T/N) announced. Everyone nodded, including the ones who most likely wouldn't act responsibly.

"And you have to treat your host families respectfully. I don't want to hear any complaints that you weren't listening," I never took a minute to think about my host family. What were they gonna be like? Will they welcome me with open arms? A few other students were talking to their friends about how nervous they are. One kid stood up. "What ever happened to don't talk to strangers?" A familiar voice spoke. Sigh... It was James. The teacher ignored him completely. "Alright, the host families have arrived. You may all meet them."

A girl around my age soon ran up to me. "Hello, are you (Y/N)?" She asked. I nodded yes. "I'm Hiyori Iki. Your host sister," Hiyori bowed respectively and smiled. "And these are my parents." She gestured to a couple behind her who were waving lightly. I smiled and waved back. They seem nice. I wonder how they'll act at home.

~Time Skip~

Hiyori asked if I would like to sleep in her room tonight while she cleans out the guest room. "We cleaned it out before but a friend of mine messed it up a bit," She told me while she set up a small futon and the ground. "Last time I'm ever letting Yato stay over..." Quickly standing up and whirling around Hiyori let out a big sigh.

"Anyway, you can have my bed. I'll sleep in the futon tonight."

"Thank you,"

"Dinners gonna be ready soon. Wanna head down?"


Hiyori led me down stairs and sat down, gesturing to the seat beside her. Taking the hint I walked over and took a seat. Dinner wasn't bad at all. As soon as we went to bed I stayed up thinking. Who was this Yato? We're they nice?

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