German Sparkle Party x Reader 1k reads Special!!!

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Here is my 1k special! Thank you for the requests, the votes, and the reads. If you haven't heard the song, go onto youtube and look up the music video. I-It's just, wow. Look it up...


You walked into the house that Germany, Prussia, and Austria were living in. They are going to live together for the next few months.

"Hey Germany! I have those papers you wanted! Where are you?" You called out. There was no answer and then you heard a loud crash come from the next room followed by a scream.

You ran to the room it came from and saw all three of them in sparkly clothes, holding alcohol, and the room was a mess. It looked like a small meeting room. It's about the size of an elementry school classroom, only dark, with flashing lights.

"What the heck are you doing?" You set down the paper and started to pick up some books strewn across the room.

"We are having a German Sparkle Party! Come on _____ join us!" Austria said, taking the books and setting them aside.

"Ja! Come on! You're just in time too! Germany was about to chug 3 beers!" Prussia put a sparkly hat on your head and pulled you over.

"You all are obviously drunk. Maybe I should come back later." You tried to turn and leave but Germany closed and locked the door.

"Nien. You walked in on the German Sparkle Party so you are going to join." He put a drink in your hand and starts the music.

"I really should leave. I'm not even German!" (If you are, just pretend).

"Who cares! Come on and dance!" Austria slurred.

Sighing, knowing there was no way out you downed the drink. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

They put a lot of sparkly clothing on you and turned the music up louder.

"One of you do the laugh, do the laugh!" You put on some sparkly glasses and slightly fangirled when Austria did the laugh. (Like I said, if you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the music video).

"Germany! Give me another beer!" He tossed you a beer and your vision started to get fuzzy.

"_____, have you ever been to a German Sparkle Party?" Prussia asked as he slung an arm over your shoudler.

"Nope! Never in my life." You yelled over the blasting music. 

Prussia handed you a drink that you couldn't recognise but you chugged it.

Everything went black...

xNext dayx

"Ughhhh my head..."You moaned and opened your eyes. You found yourself on the chandelier. Prussia, Austria, and Germany were sprawled out on the floor.

You took off your shoe and trhew it at Prussia. He just yawned and rolled over.

"Wake up dang it!" You took off your other shoe and threw it at Germany.

He bolted up and looked around.

"Up here." He looked up in confusion.

"How did you get up there  _____?"

"Heck if I know. All I know is that you guys made me join a German Sparkle party and Prussia gave me a funky drink and then I remember nothing after that and woke up here." You gestured to the chandelier.

"Mien Gott..." He hid his face in his hands.

"Um... Can you help me down?" He looked up and nodded. 

"Thanks. I perfer the ground." He get's under you and holds out his arms.

"Here. Step on my shoudlers."

You place your feet on his shoulders and grab his hands. Carefully, he gets you kn the ground.

"Thanks, and do you know what Prussia gave me?" Germany rubbed the back of his neck.

"I-It was liquor and..." He said the last part but you couldn't hear it.

"Say what? It was liquor and what?" He sighed.

"It was a date rape drug.... I promise he did nothing to you and niether did me or Austria. He thinks of it as, a better party when everyone is drunk off their minds." He looks away at the other two sleeping on the floor.

"Go figure. Don't worry about it. As long as we NEVER talk about it outside this house."

"Agreed." You both shook hands.

Prussia and Austria woke up with a moan. They took one look at the clothes everyone was wearing.

"Sparkle Party?" They asked in unison. You nodded and shrugged.

"Anyway, I need to be going. Here is your hat. I'll return the rest later." You handed Prussia the hat and gathered your stuff.

"Oh, and Prussia, don't slip anything in my drink again." He looked at you, confused.

"Ask Germany." With that, you left. You had to admit, it was pretty fun and you kind of wanted to do it again.


Sorry it was a little short. I hope you liked it though! I will work on an Australia x Reader and a 2p!Britain x reader, which were both requested by blackcat846. Thanks for reading!

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