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Pen Your Pride

Niall Horan        First Time

You and Niall have been dating for a year and a half and have a relatively healthy relationship...even if it's without sex. Niall doesn't mind though, and the only arguments you get into is because of your parents and them meddling their way into your relationship. The both of you are nineteen to twenty years old. You've kept it PG 13, but now you feel like you are ready. You want Niall to be your first, even though you know you aren't his first.

Niall took you to the movie theatre to watch the Notebook because you had never seen it before. All of your friends tell you that it's a very beautiful and romantic movie. Niall obviously wasn't into the mushy stuff but he loves you - and he's told you this before. Niall paid for your tickets and bought small popcorn and a medium sized drink filled with coke. You gave your tickets to the man he handed them back to you and told you to have a nice time. Your right hand held the coke as you took a sip; your left hand was intertwined with Niall's right one as he held the popcorn in his left hand.

When you reached the movie compartment for the Notebook you saw that there weren't many people there. The only other people there were an old couple and three girls around twelve. They sat in the front and you made your way to the very back and took a seat in the middle of the last aisle. You gently set the coke into the cup holder and leaned back into your chair, sighing in comfort as you did so. Niall sat next to you and set the popcorn down on the floor in-between your chairs so that you could both reach for some when you needed to. The lights dimmed and you smiled lightly when Niall gently stroked your cheek, causing you to turn your head to the right so that you were facing him.

"I don't like all these romantic movies and shit, but I'm glad I'm here with my girl." Niall said in his thick Irish accent.

You smiled and leaned in towards him. The both of you shared a chaste kiss before you pulled apart to watch the movie.


About half way into the movie you were beginning to become bored. Unfortunately, you hadn't really found this movie to your liking and you let out a soft and tiresome sigh. You turned to look at Niall but found that he was asleep. His right hand held the side of his face as he slowly let out his breaths. 'Oh Hell no,' you thought, 'there is no way he gets to sleep during this.'

A naughty thought popped into your mind and you smirked. Maybe you should get even, in fact, you will get even. You placed your right hand onto his thigh and your smirk grew when you saw that he was still sleeping. Your hand slowly undid his pants' button and zipper. You froze when Niall groaned but relaxed when he continued to sleep. You slipped your hand into his boxers and lightly made your way to his dick. You took hold of it lightly and slowly stroked it to its tip before coming back to his base. Niall let out a soft groan accompanied by a moan. A sense of feminine satisfaction made its way into your chest because just knowing it had been you to cause a sound of pleasure to escape his lips pleased you very much.

You pumped him once more, gripping a little harder and Niall's eyes snapped open. He looked down at his pants and saw the beginning of your wrist and arm leading back towards your body. You smiled at him but frowned when he tried to take your hand out of his pants. "We can't do this here," He told you in a coarse whisper.

But you leaned in close and whispered in his ear, "But you'll enjoy yourself." You blew into his ear and nibbled on his earlobe as you slid your index finger down his shaft and towards the tip of his dick where the meatus was. He froze and covered his mouth when you scraped it with your nail. He made a fist with his right hand and bit down harshly so he wouldn't moan. It didn't help when you pumped him once more and scraped his whole shaft with your fingernails, lightly enough so it wouldn't hurt, but hard enough so he could feel pleasure. He moaned rather loudly and the old couple looked towards him with a stern look.

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