i like you

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Jordan's POV

ever since tay sang the song I actually liked it, I think about our future like as a band and how far we'll go and how we started out as a band... from the auditions to not knowing each other and how soon were going to sign into a record company it all happens so fast, I'm in my room watching some thing like TMZ, while Jessica went to go out with some friends today, I might as well work on the other half of the song, so it could be finished, I grab my phone and text tay


me: hey tay it's me Jordan I was wondering if you could send me the lyrics to the song you wrote I actually want to finish it so we could have atleast one song written (: thanks

Tay: oh hey Jordan yea hold up, I wrote a bit more btw
tay: here :
(verse 1)
So we stand here with our lives packed up in boxes.
Wonder how did we get here?
And something I said got back to this dirty apartment.
Wonder how did we get here?
Did something change your mind?
Cause I can't look you in the eye.
I'm gonna break tonight.

I've gotta be on my way.
Cause everything's gonna change.
And you never thought I'd say that you wouldn't know me anyway.
(Verse 2) (I wrote a little down)
Tell him I said that I tossed out all those boxes.
Now they're out in the pouring rain.
me: thanks really appreciate it (: we should like go out for lunch sometime, you know to write together and maybe invite the guys (:

tay: yea that'd be great and good luck on the other half of the verse(: I'll leave you to it
I grab the guitar and strum random chords to make my thinking process go and finally a sentence pops up in my head, I grab a note book and wrote down the other half of the verse

"You can tell her I swear the next time she sees Jordan.
I'll let her know that I know I changed my mind.
Cause I can't look you in the eye.
I'm gonna break tonight."

I chuckle as I wrote down my name cause I put down my own name as lyrics to a song ha I wonder if the guys would like it ... I actually like it though
i decide to repeat the chorus again I wrote it down on my note book

(Chorus again)

I strum the guitar a bit more and another set of lyrics popped up, I write

My friends all told me not to look into your eyes.
Cause life's too short, yeah, to waste my time.
So what's it gonna be now, baby.
Aye, aye.
Did something change your mind?
I'm on my way tonight.

(Chorus again)

I like how this is coming along .. I get a text from tay
Tay: hey um Cameron wants to write on the song too, how long have you gone?

Me: um I just finished the second verse and the bridge and then I added the chorus at the end so I basically finished

tay: oh really that fast man o: well I'll text him then

me: yea .... Tell him sorry but he needs to be quicker (x

tay: haha you're funny I like you (x
Tay's POV
I was adding more lyrics to the song when I get a text... it's from Jordan ... I get butterflies in my stomach... Woah tay contain yourself he is a taken guy ..... sometimes I wish he wasn't ... He asked me to go get lunch with him and the rest of the band except .... I wish it was just us two but then again I wouldn't have the courage to look him in the eyes cause when I look at them they make me wanna melt all inside and his beautiful green grayish eyes just burn into my chocolate brown ones every time I steal a glance at him, I know it's so wrong to like a guy that is taken but my heart can't help it, I can't seem to shut out these feelings.... I should just stop thinking about Jordan and the would've's and could've's ... it's all hopeless what makes it think that he would like me back when he obviously has a girlfriend .....

their set was amazing and I had a blast really loved it I could have swore tay looked at me like during the whole set 😭😭 anyways on the picture side bar thingy that picture was taken by my sister when she spotted tay practicing her vocals or basically warming up GOD SHE LOOKS SO FREAKING CUTE when she warms up 💘😘

ANYWAYS I know I updated Today which that's not what i said I would update but my friend likes the fanfict that she couldn't wait so you should thank her, so I decided to make an EXCEPTION but i from now on will ONLY update Wednesdays and if not Fridays (: but hope you enjoyed see you soon - jackbarakitty

PS the only guy I would let her date would be Jordan Allen Eckes if your NOT him don't bother to mess with her if your not him or me back off 😒 lol jk (: but I'm somewhat serious well whoever is her future partner please make her the happiest girl alive if not I will personally come and kill you, you break my bae's heart I break your neck, on that note I'll be going now ......

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