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I hopped out my car and banged at SAMAYA's door

"Bitch, you got one last time to come and threaten my wife"

"Nigga what you gone do? Huh?"

"Leave my family alone and you won't find out what I'm gone do."

She punched me, Mama! God forgive me for this! I pushed her in the house and slapped her back

"Hit me, August. "

"You're crazy as hell" I said

"Certified." she said swinging at me

I ducked and pushed her into the wall and she fell to the ground

"Leave my family, ALONE! YA HEAR!" I said getting so mad that I felt the veins pop out

"I don't care about your family, August. You know I love you, Why would you leave me?"

"Because, you're crazy." I said

"Oh, I'm crazy? You want crazy? I'll show you crazy" she said getting up

She came back with a knife, Shit. I'm dead I thought to myself, I started to run out the door but she stabbed me in my leg and my stomach, I was in so much pain, I grabbed the knife out of my leg and she ran out the house. I ripped my shirt and tied it around my leg going out side and calling for help, I reached in my pocket and grabbed my phone and dialed 911

"911, what's your emergency?"

"Help, I needa-I needa ambulance-I-I've been been stabbed" I said pushing the words out

"Sir we're on our way."

I started breathing heavy

"Sir, do you hear me?"

I started to get weak

"Sir? "

I blacked out

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